Some Advice On When To Consider Replacement Windows For Your Home

Windows on a house are there for a reason and are meant to function in a particular way. When they’re not performing up to their capability the result can be frustrating and expensive. It can also be uncomfortable for the occupants. If you’re having window problems, it may be time to consider replacement windows.

The first and most obvious purpose of house windows is to let in the light. The use of glass makes this possible. Sometimes windows will be single-pane, as in many older homes, but the newer ones may contain two or three panes in a single frame. Sometimes this glass is coated to add a reflective quality to it and sometimes argon gas is used between the sheets. This increases the insulating value.

If your windows look hazy or cloudy, it usually means moist air has gotten in between the panes by way of a leak, which will also have let the insulating gas escape. Not only has this window lost its efficiency but it looks terrible too. If you’re experiencing this problem you’ll need to repair of even replace this unit.

Windows should enhance the appearance of the home and not detract from its beauty. If you’re unhappy with the style of windows you have, you may consider updating with different looking units. A two hundred year old house might look better with double-hung wood framed windows like it originally had rather than silver-colored, aluminum framed sliders that were so prevalent in the 1950’s.

If the frames have begun to rot or fall apart, they’re a prime candidate for a replacement upgrade. Wood frames are good at insulating but require work and TLC to keep them looking good and functioning properly. Many of the newer models are made from high grade plastic (PVC vinyl) and are nearly free of maintenance requirements.

If your windows are drafty, letting cold air in during winter, you can bet they’re also letting warm air out. This can be expensive as your home heating costs skyrocket. And it’s uncomfortable to sit by a drafty window. You probably need to upgrade. The energy savings alone may go a long way toward paying the cost of the new, more efficient units. Your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, plus it will look nicer.

Windows that are difficult to operate are frustrating and dangerous. A non-working window could result in someone becoming a victim in the event of a house fire. This should be remedied immediately. Sometimes all it takes is some paint remover and elbow grease. Sometimes this won’t do the trick and replacement windows should be considered. The advice of a window professional could be of help here.

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