New Year, New Interior Design

The New Year is a time for making resolutions, few of which you probably will keep. But, if you made a resolution to update your home, this is one promise to yourself that you may keep. Since, the New Year is a time for a fresh start, you should begin it by making your living room the haven that you have always wanted.

This room of the house is generally considered fancier than other spaces and may be reserved only for special occasions. While every house should have a room that is primarily reserved for entertaining guests, you should also take advantage of this room and design it in a way that makes you feel at home and comfortable. That way, you will have a special space, besides your bedroom, in which you can curl up with a good book or sit and mediate with your own thoughts.

There are simple interior design tricks that you may incorporate to make the room feel more warm and welcoming; add some decorative throw rugs that complement your furniture and hang some family photographs to make the room more inviting. And, place vibrant throw pillows on couches and loveseats to make the pieces of furniture really stand out. If you are feeling inspired, hold off on making these adjustments until you have repainted the walls and then decorate the rest of the room accordingly.

If making these changes seems to be a bit outside your field of expertise, or if you have made them and are looking to further update the room, hire an interior designer. A licensed interior designer will have the knowledge and experience to transform your living room into a paradise for you, you family, and your guests.

An interior designer will see your potential residential interior design as an expression of art and will act accordingly. Instead of your living room being a little-used space, the interior designer will optimize its existing architectural and aesthetic strengths and add color, textures, furniture, and artwork to enhance its overall beauty,

Interior design is meant to encourage and inspire you, so the interior designer will develop a room that nurtures your soul and nourishes your own creativity. This may not even require a drastic makeover, just recognition of simple updates that will revitalize the room and improve its ambience.

Take advantage of this season of change to make a positive change to your home. Improving one room may impact your feelings about you whole house and inspire you to make other changes in every

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