How To Light Your Home Office ?

Rather than going outside for work, many people have made offices in their homes itself. So it becomes very important to light them properly, otherwise it can lead to problems like eye strain, headache etc. Also right lighting is the biggest factor in increasing the productivity.

Choose the lighting design in such a way that it matches well with the layout of the room. Also see if any light is entering the room from outside. Note the positions of all the equipments like computer terminals, printers etc and accordingly place the lights.

In some cases it will be possible to simply add on to the lighting that already exists in the room, while in other cases it may be best to start from scratch and redesign a lighting scheme that fits with the room’s role as a home office.

Since you spend a lot of time in your office, it should be a pleasant feeling to work there. It should have a comfortable environment and you can achieve this through good lighting. They should not be too bright and should be free of any glare. Placement of these lights is also an important point to take take care of.

Task lighting is very important for work spaces, specially, near the areas that are used for reading, writing and working on computer. Also, the light in the surrounding areas should be of accurate levels. Do consider the amount of light entering from outside during the day time and accordingly design the lighting scheme.

You can choose from a wide range of lighting fixtures available in the market for your home office. Ceiling lights are the best and the most common for general lighting.

You can go for desk lamps with adjustable arms for task lighting. Also, there are light bars that can be mounted under cubicles or computer desks. Do consider the direction of computer screen before placing these lamps.

Right lighting is very important for a home office as it is an important area of your home. Initially you might have to spend some extra time for purchasing the right lighting fixtures but it will surely help you work in an efficient manner.

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