Do Not Mistake Home Maintenance For Home Improvement!

Maintenance tasks seem endless when you own a home – almost daily something breaks or wears out. It is important to do maintenance in your home just like you do on your car, because leaving things as is could lead to the problem worsening. When something breaks in your home, it is important to fix it as soon as possible before it affects other parts of the house and costs you more.

The scope of home maintenance can be quite wide, including cleaning the gutters, painting and repainting, replacing cracked windows, repairing broken locks and door handles and a lot of other tasks. Home improvement is a totally different thing, as it deals with improving on what you already have at home. Some home improvement tasks are more difficult than others, including renovating an entire room, but this would also cover smaller tasks you can do on your own.

Home improvement covers all additions to any part of your home. Some examples of this include adding a smoke alarm or security system, adding a new fence where there wasn’t one previously, or installing new closets in certain rooms. If you add new faucets in the bathroom or plant a vegetable garden in the backyard, that too can be home improvement. Maintenance, on the other hand, would be repairing a leaky faucet that was already there previously.

Home improvement can also cover putting new carpets throughout your entire home, or adding a new room for a new family member. Maintenance on carpets can be something like giving the old ones a steam cleaning.

Maintenance and home improvement work in concert with each other to keep your home in good condition. Your maintenance tasks keep things working properly, and prevent further problems from developing, for example, a blocked gutter could cause a leak that damages the ceiling and floor. But since you also want your home’s value to increase should you put it up for sale a few years from now, maintenance alone will not do the trick for you. Your home will always be susceptible to wear and tear, and when that happens your home will go down in value. That’s where home improvement comes in, and this can be a tool to help you make more money when you eventually sell your home to a prospective buyer.

You need only to look at how maintenance and home improvement help the value of your home to see how different they are. Fixing something that needs to be fixed retains the value at best, but improving on that thing increases the value of your home.

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