Home Plumbing & Renovations Replacing a Bathroom Sink

A bathroom sink can be set into a vanity in the same way that a kitchen ink is set into a cabinet. Alternatively the sink can be attached to the wall with a variety of supporting brackets.

If you are a home or cottage owner and you are considering replacing an old wall hung sink and bracket must match, if by any means possible by hook or crook purchase a new or replacement sink unit with the same type of bracket as the pre-existing one. For additional support, install a pair of adjustable legs. Big box stores store and sell a large variety.

Overall sinks are made of porcelain coated cast iron, vitreous china or a synthetic form or format of synthetic marble. To avoid chips and scratches, take great care to handle any sinks that you purchase and carry into your home carefully. Its usually best policy to purchase a pair of units together. That is when you buy the sink also purchase a faucet. Take care to ensure that make sure that the centersets match.

When involved with home renovation or property upgrade projects and you are installing a sink in a new location follow code instructions for running new pipes. Once the new plumbing and pipes are set in place, properly inspected and tested then its time to place that new sink and its fittings in place. Not before.

As per building codes are sure to install shut off valves on the water supply pipes to avoid having to turn off the main water supply conduits when making any repairs in the future. Its code and water shut off valves are for benefit. It’s not only a matter of convenience. Come and emergency if no shut off valves are afforded – then a lot of property damage may well be done – damages that could be easily prevented with one single valve. Don’t be short sited or downright lazy. It’s all a foolish waste of time of a plumbing or heating amateur. Alternatively if you or the homeowners / cottage owners that you are doing work or upgrades for have none of the shut off valves on their sink plumbing then more than a good idea to suggest that these be installed – properly and fully. Count on it.

If you as a tradespeople or handy person find yourself with the job of removing an old style bathroom sink that is set on pedestal or is a pedestal type variety model what do you do? What are the steps for removal of a pedestal type sink? What is similar? What is different? First take the time and efforts to simply turn off the water supply as the first step. Next open both faucets to drain the water and then disconnect the liquid supply lines and drainpipe. Dismount the basin from the pedestal by removing its bolts. Loosen the plaster of Paris at the pedestal’s base by simply, gently and carefully rocking the pedestal base back and forth to and fro. Finally in cases of difficulty, if you as a trades-person find difficulties in your reno work wrap the pedestal in an old towel, and safely wearing goggles, use a hammer and cold chisel to dislodge it. Finally use a scouring pad or alternatively sandpaper to remove any plaster still stuck to the flooring.

Lastly at the end of your renovation and plumbing upgrade work and projects take the time and effort to carefully clean up your job site and sites. That is the mark of a true plumbing and heating professional.