Snowball Microphone – A Great Upgrade To Your Sounds

If you’ve ever tried to turn out a quality sound recording using an inexpensive computer microphone you’ve no doubt been somewhat disappointed. These cheap recording devices DO reproduce sounds, true, but the range and quality of the reproduction is less than stellar. But now, new technology has given us the Snowball Microphone that, even at a very reasonable cost is able to deliver studio-quality sound right to your PC.

The Snowball is a USB plug in device capable of reproducing with superior sound quality right out of the box. There’s no need to download any software or to install any drivers for this unit to begin functioning immediately, once a short and easy calibration is completed. It is plug and play in the true sense of the words.

As with most things these days, one sure way to get an indication of a product’s actual performance is to go online and read some user reviews. There are hundreds of such reviews for this microphone on the Internet and after reading the first dozen or two it becomes apparent that buyers LIKE this item. It works well, is easy to operate and isn’t very expensive to buy.

One particularly useful feature of the Snowball mic is its ability to toggle between settings for several types of sound quality input. From soft vocals to loud band music, this microphone does an excellent job at accurate sound reproduction. It performs well for recording podcasts, live music, Skype conversations and live chats.

The Snowball is also very cool looking and quite unique in its physical design. It’s fashioned in a retro-sense, like the way microphones looked in ‘the old days’. In fact, it actually sort of looks like the one Dave uses on the Letterman Show.

The Snowball will work with both Mac and PC formats and can interface with any of the later operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows XP. It uses 64 MB of memory and requires no software downloads or driver installation. It comes in black, white and aluminum.

If you’re ready for an upgrade on your computer’s recording capability you definitely want to take a look at some info on the Snowball Microphone. Make sure to read through some of the reviews. It won’t take long to be convinced that, for the money, this is far and away the best computer mic out there.

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