How To Uncover Stylish Furniture With A Trendy Look

With the onset of the twenty first century, people began to redesign there homes differently to what they had before. Bauhaus furniture, which came into being about mid last century, offers all the style and edgy chic that fits so well in the architecture of today. In fact, Modloft furniture is also another modern day style that seems to be becoming the next big thing amongst the young and up coming trendy set.

But why is it that people have hooked onto this style? Well, perhaps it is because people are now fed up of all the clutter and ornamentation that was the norm until recently. People are now leaning toward a more austere style for this modern age and this has set the trend for clean lines and no fuss.

Another aspect of this kind of furnishing is that most people can afford it. The no fuss style has also meant that it costs less to produce. Indeed, if the home owner could only afford one really expensive statement piece, the rest of the room can be decorated with lower priced pieces. In this way, people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between either.

Although there are some cheap Asian copies of this style, it is much better to opt for strongly made pieces that can compliment the pieces already there. Mixing and matching is what makes the whole look totally unique to the individual and is pretty easy to accomplish. But mixing clean lines and silhouettes with fussy pieces will not give the desired effect. Try to get a theme going which runs from one room to another to get a sense of conformity.

We may all remember the tubular steel chairs and sofas that became very popular towards the latter half of the last century. Unlike the originals, new pieces usually have leather stitched seats instead of the ubiquitous black plastic that was in fashion in those days. Bright oranges and reds were also popular then too, but the fashion today dictates some photo chromatic color schemes with a statement color threaded throughout the rooms. There is also no need for the piles of colored cushions that made their mark some time ago. This would spoil the look of the room completely but adding some black and white prints on the walls give a lovely modern feel to any decor.

The great thing about this new style that is taking over is that it is no longer necessary to clean on a daily basis. No more clutter means faster and easier access to surfaces which need to be wiped. Floors tend to be veneer or wood blocks, with only a throw rug or statement rug thrown down to add a great splash of color to the room. No more vacuuming or washing of the carpets with this set up! Even bedrooms have that clean oriental look with beds raised on a central stand instead of on legs or boxes. Some people like to add down-lighters under the edges to give the room a much more stylish look instead of using overhead lights.

Connor Sullivan and his wife just purchased Bauhaus furniture for a new office facility he is renting. They ordered Modloft furniture for their newly remodeled family room.

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