How Antler Chandeliers Complement Southwestern Lighting

If you are striving for a unique and truly authentic finished product as part of your Southwestern design project, you really should consider antler chandeliers, a definite mainstay of the Southwestern lighting look. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and as they are all genuine items, they are sure to be unique.

Antler chandeliers have a very distinctive and organic shape and when matched with your other items of ranch-style furniture will be very pleasing to the eye. If you have have almost completed your redesign and are looking for something to tie the whole look together, antler chandeliers can really meet your requirements.

The look of the Southwest owes a lot to bringing all those elements that we enjoy outdoors within our homes. The inherent beauty of genuine antler products is as such a natural incorporation. You will be able to find a particular type of product no matter what room you are working on, its size or grandeur.

Antler chandeliers can be made from the castoffs of the mule, elk or moose and vary considerably in weight, size and composition. According to the animal, the frame can be two or three tiered and you could pick and choose your items according to the purpose and scale of your rooms throughout the home.

If you have a rustic home or maybe a log cabin, antler chandeliers are absolutely perfect for your abode. You might have a weekend getaway at a cabin somewhere in the wilderness and will want to re-create the natural surroundings as best as possible. Consequently, antler chandeliers are a perfect fit for this.

Some uneducated environmentalists seem to think that animals are harmed when antler chandeliers are made and this is completely untrue. These items are natural castoffs and stags or deers shed them at the appropriate time of year. They are then harvested and made into a product that has a beautiful effect for you and your surroundings.

To be most effective, Southwestern lighting including antler chandeliers, should be placed within a minimalist decor and these items are perfect for rooms with exposed stonework, fireplaces, mantles and around wooden furniture. If you choose one of the larger, moose items, be careful not to overpower the entire room. These products are best in larger spaces.

Due to their distinctive beauty and meticulous craftsmanship, antler chandeliers are perfect for mounting candles or lighting bulbs to create an authentic and natural look. Consider rawhide lamp shades which are known to give an additional glow to the antlers, as the lace lamp shades complement the natural feel. You will undoubtedly contribute to the ambience and homely feeling of your room when you have completed your project.

For additional material on antler chandeliers, get the acclaimed free Rustic Southwest Decorating Guide by writer Craig Chambers, founder of Mission Del Rey Southwest, for unusual ideas and rustic decorating tips.