Converting Your House Into An Eco Home

New construction has slowed as the economy continues to slump – but remodeling goes on as ever. A lot of homeowners have decided to give their existing homes a new look rather than buy or build a new home. Coming as it does during a time when people are more concerned than ever with the environment, there has been a lot of interest if remodeling homes into eco homes.

So what are these eco homes? If you live in the UK, you certainly already have heard the term – it is a rating system for the environmental friendliness of home construction in the UK. The idea behind eco homes is to build housing which is comfortable to live in and has a smaller environmental impact than homes build with older techniques.

Similarly, the United States has a program called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (or LEED for short) which is roughly equivalent to the eco homes standards. This is a certification program which provides standards for construction, home design and performance.

An eco home can be made without going through the trouble of building another home. Many homeowners just remodel their homes to meet the environmental standards in their country (LEED or Eco Homes).

Many newer homes, such as recently constructed tract houses can be converted to eco homes with relative ease. Since buyers are increasingly interested in environmentally friendly homes, a lot of newer homes are designed with these standards in mind from the ground up. One of the best ways to remove the environmental impact of your home is to simply change out the windows with more efficient ones.

Using more energy efficient windows will keep your heating bill low, keep your home warmer and update the look of your home.

Making eco homes involves more than just design and materials. A great way to make your home an eco home is to replace energy inefficient appliances with newer, energy efficient ones. This will save you money on your energy bills of course, but it will also dramatically reduce the amount of natural resources which must be used to keep your household going.

There are a lot of people who would like to live in eco homes. Many people are looking for ways to reduce their own environmental impact and environmentalism, like charity begins at home. You can convert your home into an eco home for a cost which is far lower than that of buying a new home – and you’ll be doing your part to help out the environment as you do so.

Curt Roese is the author and is a Real Estate Broker holding the EcoBroker, NAR GREEN and Certified Green Professional Designations. Find more information about green healthy homes and sign up for his informative newsletter at Green Healthy Home