Have the Correct Mindset If You Want to Attract Money


One part of the law of attraction says “like attracts like”, so if you desire more, you need to appreciate money in the right way. Money isn’t good or bad, and it can be used for good and bad things. We often use money as various excuses for mistakes we make or when we are afraid of certain responsibilities. None of these are ways to go about attracting money in life. If you want to attract money, it means getting to know it better. It means putting everything into it, which means your heart, soul, and mind. This is a well balanced love and it won’t respond to demands. They are almost like a wish and you ask in such a way. It means you are fine with receiving nothing. You can’t feel stupid asking for more, because then it won’t be attracted to you. One idea is to use a symbol or picture to remind you of dreams and goals. It means visualizing money so it is attracted to your life. You also need to think through your actions and some recommend meditating. Attracting money means believing in the process, but it isn’t going to fall into your life. It can take some effort and time for you to attract money. 



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Little Guys and Big Guys

In the world of business there are the big guys
and there are the little guys. The big guys like
Home Depot and Lowes are the muti-million dollar
stores that carry everything and have an inventory
greater than the payroll of many small U.S.
cities. The amount of “shrinkage” these big guys
have every month would probably allow me to live
very comfortable the rest of my life.

The little neighborhood guy on the other hand, is
scratching his ass every week just to meet his
payroll. They are however, making a decent living.
Only because they have been around for so long.
That longevity has helped them build a loyal
customer base.

Those loyal customers know damn well that they are
going to pay a little more for certain items, but
they go to the little guy because it’s close to
where they live, and the service they receive is

The little guy carries pretty much the same
product as the big guy, but the price is of course
higher. The little guy can’t buy the quantity that
the big guy can. So the price has to be higher
because his margin is lower.

The big suppliers, like Toro are now selling to
the big guys because the big guys can buy more and
sell them at a lower price, which leads to more
sales for the Toro’s and other big names of that
industry. The little guy has to rely on the
service he gives his customers and not the
quantity. The big guys don’t offer much service or
knowledge anymore.

It’s the same for any one doing business online.
The big guy with the big mailing list has a
greater advantage then the little guy with only
300 or less subscribers. The big guy can set a
much higher price for his ads because he can
expose your ad to a much larger audience.

The little guy practically gives away the ads in
his newsletter because he cannot offer the same
exposure for your ad that the big guy does. Any
person trying to sell their service or product
will be more likely to spend $50.00 to have their
ad seen by 45,000 readers, than pay $9.00 to be
exposed to 300 pairs of eyes.

So the little guy newsletter and ezines must offer
better service than the big fat cat publisher with
a subscriber base reaching 100,000 plus.This means
more hours of searching for new and informative
things. Hours that you don’t have because you’re
working a 40 hour job because you don’t have a
huge subscriber base to which you can charge big
bucks for advertising so you don’t have to work a
40 hour job . See the Catch 22?

Unlike the litle guy local store, you can become a
big guy publsher. All you need is money to
purchase leads, there are many places to do that
on line today. Then you need the time to cultivate
those leads, and turn them into subscribers. Over
time you too can be a big guy publisher. The more
money you have to buy leads, and more time you
have to cultivate them, the quicker you get to
charge big dollars to advertise in your ezine or

Your second choice is to remain a little guy.
Making little or no profit by charging $1.50 to
expose your customers ads to all of your 300
readers. But take satisfaction in knowing that
every week, week after, sore fingers from typing,
week. You put out the best damn newsletter or
ezine that you can possibly publish. And you do
all of that month after month for one reason and
one reason only. Because even though you don’t
realize it……….deep down inside you really
love doing itFind Article, and you kind of like being a little

Jim Schulte
Creator of the
Internet Marketing Junkie Mouse Pad

Editor/Publisher The I.M.J. Newsletter

That Might Be Help for Your Home Renovation

You spend a substantial amount of your income every year on construction, reconstruction, remodeling or renovation of your house.  Therefore, in order to avoid such trouble in your planning and running, and here are some tips that might be useful for those who want to complete it right the first time.

You spend a substantial amount of your income every year on construction, reconstruction, remodeling or renovation of your house. These costs vary according to which kind of person you hire and the quality of work. Some construction specialists would bring in early damages and subsequent re-remodeling in return by offer cheap price and deliver plain service. This would increase your costs needlessly on the home renovation projects and might hold your dreams of building a special living space that suits your tastes back.

Therefore, in order to avoid such trouble in your planning and running, and here are some tips that might be useful for those who want to complete it right the first time.     

– First off, pre-plan your home renovation project and list all the cost estimates and add them all up on paper. You could simply come up with a particular budget plan in order to negotiate well on the remodeling needs with the contractor that you hire or get help from some outside resources. The home renovation project could be easy, complicated or even damage to your house, prerequisites of any genre of remodeling project finally remains the same. 

  – Make sure you hire the contractor with a relevant license, which is an identification of his profession.   

  -For fear of disputes that you may ask all concerned questions on your mind about the renovation project as you can and make it clear about what you need from your home renovation contractor.    

 – It’s quite safe to go through an agency where you would be well guided and know more about your rights and responsibilities as a home owner before to hire a contractor. If you are uncertain of individual contractors, this would give you superiority as an informed consumer and avoid swindle, if any.    

 – What’s more, with contracting licenses there are varied and you need to make certain that the contractor you hire has the license for the work that you particularly need.   

-For the sake of being able to employ other workers for the projectFeature Articles, you should check about three or more bids for the home renovation work and also need to check whether the contractor has worker’s compensation insurance.    

 – Make certain all the details about the re-construction job are in writing; every clear specific was connect to the remodeling job is mentioned that include information from the finances to the type and quality of materials used.    

 There are good deals of information that can easily make available to you on the internet. You can search for them which provide you valuable information before you decide to hire a contractor to complete your home renovation.      

Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Home Remodeling Contractor


Improving and remodeling a home is very exciting, nice and rewarding task. The investment which you spend on home remodeling you get back in the form of increase in the values of your home as well as you feel pleasure and satisfaction by living in new and good looking place or home. There are many projects related to remodeling of home which you can do on your own however most of them are for professional contractors like making of a new roof of your home, waterproofing of the basement of your home, installation of new glass and windows of your home etc. However most of the people avoid to hire or to get services of a professional contractor this all is happening due to some scam action by professional contractors for home remodeling. However, it is necessary that specific tasks of remodeling of your home should be in the hand of a professional contractor.Here are some ways, which will be he helpful for you that how you can avoid yourself from those contractors who are swindling people. When you are hiring a contractor for your home remodeling and he/she is asking to pay all cost of the project at once in cash then you never hire that contractor. Any contractor who is asking about the whole payment of entire project up front in the form of cash means that he is swindling. If you will pay the whole cost in deposit it is acceptable because through this contractor will also be sure that you will not swindle him. However if you are paying the whole payment of project at once in the form of cash even contractor is providing you receipt it is your biggest mistake. If you will pay your contractor through check or credit cards, it is the best idea because if your contractor swindles you, you can get back your money through paper trail.All those companies who have started their business just now or their business is at declining phase they use door-to-door marketing because it is the easiest and cheapest way of advertisement. Not all local companies and businesses ever nock on your doors to hire their services. If any company or contractor nock at your door and offer, their services then never hire this kind of contractor or company. Although sometimes-small businesses or companies go door to door so if you are going to hire anyone from these then make sure that these companies have better reputation in the locality as well as customers have better point of view for them. Sometimes a contractor offer you huge amount of saving, you must keep in mind that a contractor with discounts is also going to scam you as they only offer this kind of discount when they have left over material from their previous project. Sometimes these big saving and offers are true to some extend but you try to avoid these kinds of contractors because they are real scamers.

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My Experience With Home Improvement Loans

Much has been said about loans and their security. Both lenders and borrowers strive for a greater security in their operations. There is seldom a bad intention behind the give and take of security; it all boils down to the protection of one’s own interest. So, in order for everyone to live in peace, let us see what equilibrium the market has in these matters.

Secured Loans

As we know, a secured loan is backed by some valuable provided by the borrower, typically a property. There is certain compensation in the way of conditions that are conveniently regulated by the government and nowadays the borrowers, usually in inferior negotiating conditions, are never left to their own luck or negotiating ability.

So, if a borrower provides a security, the law says that he is entitled to better conditions. These may be translated into lower interest rates and/or longer payback terms.

On The Other Hand

An unsecured loan will give peace to the borrower, since his property will not be affected, meaning it will not be used as a collateral or guarantee for the loan. As a counterpart, the lender will have a greater risk of not being able to recover his money, so he will ask for compensation, so to speak, namely a higher interest rate and a shorter payback term.

Other Differences

There are other differences that call for further study, when evaluating which type of loan to apply for. Such is the case of the fees that correspond to a secured loan. They are appraisal fees, home insurance in some cases and much more paperwork than for an unsecured loan.

Every Rose Has Thorns

When applying for an unsecured loan, the requirements are stiffer, meaning that the loan will be granted after a thorough evaluation of the borrower’s job status, credit ratings and banking status. Naturally a good, steady job with a long seniority will give a greater chance of qualifying for a loan than someone who is barely making ends meet and has been at his job for only six months, even if credit ratings are within the normal score.

Even A Secured Loan

As said above, a secured loan will give better conditions to the borrower, but even these have to be well planned, meaning the borrower will have to evaluate his or her situation with the greatest honesty. It is always better to apply for a longer term with easier payments. Then, if you wish to shorten the payback period, you can make extra payments if these are allowed or refinance the loan towards a shorter term.

Refinancing has fees and they have to be measured against the savings posed by the shorter term, but this kind of dilemma is always much easier to solve and lighter on the future than facing delinquency or foreclosure due to default.

One Major Recommendation

Never act on impulse or if you are not sure of what you must do. Nothing is as urgent as your security. There is always someone you can take advice fromHealth Fitness Articles, always someone willing to help and always sources of information that will give you an unbiased opinion for your benefit and that of your dear ones.

Current news in various forms


The world we are living in is tightly connected. Globalisation has turned the whole wide world into a global village. One little incident that takes place in one corner of the world is capable of affecting the entire world. Therefore it is a necessity in today’s world to be aware of the current news. But to keep yourself updated with today news you also need time to read a newspaper or watch news on television and due to the demanding lifestyle lead by people these days does not give them the luxury to spend time watching news. In such situations news headlines are of great important and convenience. One does not need to read the whole news just the small snippets are enough for them. People have various choices, some are interested in political news, some prefer crime news and others enjoy reading entertainment news. Newspapers and television news channels have all types of news articles and segments designed in a way to suite every reader’s and viewer’s interest. These newspapers and television news channels have an ideal combination of hard and soft news. Hard news is the serious news that is meant for serious viewing or reading while the soft news is just published for the entertainment of the readers. This is done to strike a balance between the serious quotient and entertainment in the news. Earlier there were limited options to gain news from. Newspapers had long articles wrote in detail and the television and radio had the limitation of time if you missed the news at seven then you would have to wait for the nine o’clock news. These days these limitations are abolished, the technology has offers the humans with various inventions which makes it easy for us to obtain news easily. The mobile phones have applications that provide you with updates on the latest news and you do not even have to read the whole article they are news headlines that convey the whole incidents in one line answering all the ‘Wh’ questions. The technology has also provided everyone with computers and the internet. This is one source from where you can get the news that you want at on click while you are comfortably sitting on your couch. Today News can be obtained by various sources and these sources are very flexible and offer you with what you need. Technology has surely helped the whole human race a lot.

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Growing Electrification in Automotive Design to Stimulate Global Automotive Augmented Reality Market

MarketResearchReports.Biz presents this most up-to-date research on “Global Automotive Augmented Reality Market 2016-2020”.

MarketResearchReports.biz has added a new report, titled ‘Global Automotive Augmented Reality Market 2016-2020,’ to its offering. This study encapsulates an extensive understanding of the market for automotive augmented reality solutions. The report presents an evaluation of the market in terms of vehicle type and geography.

The current size of the market and its growth prospects all through the forecast horizon have been presented in the report. In order to calculate the size of the market, production data of light commercial vehicles (LCVs), luxury vehicles, and passenger cars has been taken into consideration. As per this report, the global market for automotive augmented reality solutions is expected to rise at a whopping 17.96% CAGR between 2016 and 2020.

The report starts by providing highlights on the market overview, value chain analysis, and the regulatory framework of the market. The report firstly talks about automotive head-up displays (HUDs). HUDs are transparent displays that were originally manufactured to be used for presenting data in an automobile in order to reduce driver distraction and increase the safety of the driver. However, a number of factors, such as technological glitches in conventional HUDs, the absence of interactivity, and cluttering of the on-screen space, have come up as the key barriers restraining the performance of HUDs.

View Press Release Report at: http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/pressrelease/2065

To overcome these barriers, augmented reality HUDs have been introduced in the market. As per the report, augmented reality HUDs are advanced versions of the conventionally utilized HUD systems. These advanced HUDs display the required information interactively and as per the situation. Thus, information on warning signals, speed, indicator arrows for navigation is displayed either on a transparent screen or a windshield, as per the convenience of the driver.

As per the report, the growing electrification in automotive design and the rising employment of HUDs in medium-range and low-range cars in Asia Pacific are amongst the prime factors stimulating the growth of the global automotive augmented reality market. However, the increasing cost of augmented reality devices has negatively impacted the unit sales of these devices, thus inhibiting the growth of the overall market.

For Sample Copy, click here: http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/sample/sample/746004

In the next part of the report, the segmentation of the global automotive augmented reality market has been elaborated upon. On the basis of vehicle type, the market is segmented into light commercial vehicles, luxury passenger cars, entry-level passenger cars, and mid-level passenger cars. Of these, the employment of augmented reality solutions was the highest in entry-level passenger cars in 2015 and this trend is predicted to remain the same in the coming four years.

Geographically, the report segments the market into Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (MEA), Latin America, and North America. Amongst these, Europe is predicted to lead the market with a share of approximately 33% through 2020. This is owing to the consistent private and foreign investments in research and development in this region.

Garmin, MINI (BMW subsidiary), Hyundai, Continental, Pioneer Electronics Corp., Bosch, and Jaguar, among others, are the prominent vendors operating in the global automotive augmented reality market.


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For a Shiny Clean Tile

It is common for dirt and stains to occur as you use a house and
rooms, however cleaning it from time to time will make sure that you can
maintain your space well and take good care of it. Using extremely
strong chemicals will damage the tiles and ruin your space

using products for tile cleaning, the best choice is to avoid chemical
substances and make sure you use natural cleaners and products. When you
use harsh chemicals the odors from it can be quite harmful to you and
to your pets and kids. Check for products that have non toxic components
and you can even mix up your own tile cleaning substance at home with
great ease by mixing up some vinegar, water, lime and other substances.
These are easy ways to remove the stains and keep your tiles neat and

You can also sprinkle natural homemade deodorizer on your
home tiles. If you have been doing tile cleaning and still wish there
was some way to do away with the chemical smells in your home and have
it smelling neat and fresh the best choice is to go for sprinkling some
rose water.

There are also many products available in the market
for cleaning the grouts in your tile and keeping your home neat. If you
do not start the rug cleaning process earlier on, you will find the work
to be all the more troublesome. Make sure you have begun cleaning your
tiles every now and then, and soon you will have a very neat floor which
always looks good. Cleaning too often is a bad idea though as it will
eat into the tile and leave it looking very lack luster and damaged.  

If you want things done well, you can hire out a
professional agency that has years of experience in handling this sort
of thing.

See our main page here for assistance:  

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Office Interior Design Essentials: Looking Beyond the Application of Fashion Trends

#Officeinteriordesign #Contemporaryofficeinteriors #Tipsandtricksofficeinteriors 

There has been a tremendous shift in workplace interior design trends over the past few years. While “cool and trendy” office spaces inspired by fleeting fashion trends and instagrammable gimmickry might be a familiar sight in many contemporary offices and co-working places, sometimes it only masks what’s truly important for an organization, rather than making a meaningful impact on employee productivity.

Designing a functional modern office goes far beyond just applying such latest trends and requires a deep understanding and intuition of the functional and experimental needs of its end users. Here is our list of top 4 winning office interior design essentials that are sure to boost the efficiency and productivity of a contemporary workplace.

1. Flexible Activity-based Work Spaces

A Workplace catering to the needs of your business and your employees undoubtedly has to be the number one criteria to come up with the successful interior plan. While the open style workstation culture seems to be the hottest office design trend right now, it might actually be not so productive idea to switch to it all of a sudden.

An organization typically has all kinds of employees, from individuals who need peace and quiet to those who hop across desks to converse with their colleagues. And, it’s not only about individual preferences, but the nature of different tasks itself might demand a different kind of work environment in order to complete them successfully. So, the variety of interiors is, in fact, the most popular trend at the workplace right now. Today’s offices are more inclusive, non-obstructive and flexible to different needs. Dedicated desks are being replaced by communal tables, quiet pods, brainstorm islands, formal and informal meeting rooms and spaces dedicated to recreation and general well-being. Such kind of activity-based spaces allow people to actually choose the suitable corner or a place that they might need as per their activity and work needs at that particular time.

2. Integration of Technology

Technology is an integral part of a modern workplace design. A well set-up office with latest technological equipments helps boost overall productivity and efficiency. Many people are now opting for laptops as they get the freedom to work from anywhere inside as well as outside the office space. Video conferencing technology, screens for presentations, sufficient power outlets, data ports, smart boards and anything that is necessary to facilitate smart working has become fundamental to modern office interior planning.

3. Biophilic Design

As also explained in our blog featuring interior design trends of 2019, Biophilic interior design that focuses on natural elements such as indoor plants, greenery and nature-inspired aesthetics is the trend which is surely going to stay here for long. This trend has found its way into all types of spaces, and offices are no exception. Indoor plants are not the only way to incorporate biophilic design trend. Additionally, one can opt for natural material, colors and textures to bring in fresh, stress-free and calming effect to the surroundings. Allowing natural light inside the office as far as possible is another essential of a great workplace interior design.

4. Comfortable & Collaborative Furniture

Full-time employees typically spend about 8 hours a day at work. During this time they also need to collaborate with others for work. A contemporary functional office should be a place that offers them a pleasant and nurturing experience instead of burning them out. Selection of wrong furniture which is not comfortable to use is surely not a recipe for the success of any organization. There should be seating areas that are comfortable, where employees can lounge on a sofa to maybe relax for a bit, or have a collaborative conversation with colleagues over a cup of coffee, etc.

Today’s workplace interior design is all about creating a space that fosters creativity and employee satisfaction and in order to achieve that, a workplace needs to be comfortable and sometimes even casual or homey. Interiors that produce a sense of calm and comfortScience Articles, help people better accomplish their deliverables which ultimately contributes to achieving wider company goals.

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Google AdSense Provides an Added Revenue Stream to Your Business!


Google Adsense can be considered the other half of Adwords. Adwense allows website owners to feature relevant Google ads on their website which matches user profile with the profile requirement of each ad and also allows website owners to EARN revenue via the traffic generated by website.So if you have a website which attracts decent number of hits every month, for more details visit to www.google-atm-machine.com Google Adsense is probably a good revenue generation model for you and the below mentioned benefits should be effective to get you convinced:Add a revenue stream to your business:Google Adsense provides an added revenue stream to your business which is very easy to set up and has a robust backend application which delivers the most relevant ads to the most relevant target group.Set up procedure is very simple:You do not need any technology know-how when it comes to signing up with Google Adsense. A simple sign up process, subsequent approval, for more details visit to www.adsense-income-exposed.com and copying some basic html code onto your website will get you started with Google ads on your site right away.Immediate advertisers on your site:Since Google already operates a very successful Adwords program, where thousands of advertisers sign up, you get immediate advertisers who would like to be featured on your website. No sales or marketing is required by you to get advertisers at any stage. Continuous Technology enhancement at no cost to you:Google research team spends thousands of man hours in improving the Adsense programmed so that users are directed to the most relevant ads and all this is available to you with no cost.Do not fret if you don’t have a high viewer ship rate on your site:You can still earn via Google Adsense. You can feature the Google search box on your site and the subsequent page displayed with the search results has ads featured on them which can be your revenue generating Adsense Campaign.No Junk ads displayed on your website:If you are concerned about displaying junk advertisements which might have no relevance to your website visitors, then Google Adsense is for you. Only relevant ads are displayed to users and that is picked by both the profile that you put together as well as the content on your website. A number of well defined filters work behind the Adsense programmed allowing the application to be ‘intelligent’.Find Google ads a tad boring?You are not the only one. Even Google engineers realize that the ads need some colour to them and you can add that to the display option. This does not eat into the users bandwidth and yet displays using a good colour combination on the website. Google also operates a premium program for webmaster for the Adsense program if your website is attracting more than twenty million page views and five million search queries per month and this is known as Adsense Premier.Getting started is easy:It is difficult not to be convinced about the Adsense program, and you can start off quite easily with a single page form which requires basic information about the type of account you would like to have ( business or individual), website information, select product (Adsense for Content or Adsense for Search) and contact information.Login needs to be created simply with a valid and frequently accessed email address. All the information submitted is sent to Google for approval and on approval, you receive a link to fetch code from which you need to post on your website and you are ON! Adsense is an easy program to understand and implement and has already provided a steady source of income for many a net entrepreneurs! What are you waiting for?

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