Home Renovation- Process Of Improving Structure


Renovation or Remodeling is the process of
improving structure. The two most prominent types of renovation are
commercial and residential. Home improvement is the process of
renovation or making additions to one’s home. Home renovation means
building structure in such a way that it alters the structure of an
existing home. Home renovation does not only mean altering the inner
structure or building but it also includes the improvements made in the
gardens, lawns and other outdoor structures such as gazebos and
garages.One of first and foremost goal of home improvement is to provide
comfort. Comfort includes up gradation of the heating, ventilation and
air conditioning system.This system has become the need of everyday life
and is now a common necessity for everyone. The capacity of
electrical and plumbing system should be according to the need of the
consumer. If there are basement or basements in the house then they
should be water proof so that its paint does not is tear off again and
again due to seepage. The rooms and bathrooms should be sound proof so
the resident is not disturbed from the noise being spread outside. The
second ways through which improvements can be made in a house are by
maintenance and repairmen. The repair and maintenance projects include
Roof tear off and its repairmen or replacement. Roof is one of the most
important components of the house and is neglected greatly by the
owners. The repair of chimney by concrete and the repair of electrical
and plumbing systems are of at most importance. Because leakage of both
these things can cause great damage to the house. Now days the
trend which has gain great popularity is the installation of home
theaters in the basements. Turning the basement into attic is also very
common in houses now days.People who took their office work to their
home or who do their work on their computer systems at home have also
established small working units at the basement of their home. These
techniques are widely used to use the additional space available in
their homes. During last few decades the crime rate and the fire
accidents in the houses have been increasing greatly. To tackle these
situations there are number of measures which are taken. The first step
of these measures is the installation of fire and burglar alarms in the
houses. These are specially designed alarms and they starts to
ring when someone tries to enter the house or there is fire in the
house.In case of fire sprinkler systems are also installed which try to
extinguish the fire immediately. Other security measures include
shutters, storm cellars, Bomb shelters and Backup generators.Many
dramas, radio and TV shows have been made on this theme. The most
popular drama on this theme was with the name of Home Improvement. The
main character of this show was Bob Villa who used this theme for comedy
purpose. After that a number of radio and TV shows have been made on
this theme and have gained great popularity.

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