Remodel Your Home Using Bathroom Floor Plans


With today’s struggling housing market and tight credit, more homeowners choose to find new bathroom floor plans as they remodel their homes. By remodeling, people can gain the look and feel of a new home without the need to secure financing. This also helps homeowners avoid selling their home for either less than what they paid for it or selling it for less than what they owe on it. As part of the remodeling effort, every homeowner should consider the latest floor plans usable for their bathrooms. One of the most important rooms to remodel in the home is the bathroom. As people age, the bathroom becomes an increasingly dangerous place, so floor plans designed for accessibility and safety will help people avoid injury later on. These universal floor plans for bathrooms are designed to accommodate people of all ages, including those with impaired mobility. After remodeling a bathroom with this type of plan, residents can relax as they get older, knowing that they already have needed facilities in place.Most people receive a pleasant surprise when they begin looking for bathroom plans. These plans are readily available to homeowners from several sources. Perhaps the first place to look is their favorite supplier of bathroom faucets. Popular manufacturers have free floor plans and free bathroom design tools that help people get the bathrooms they need. Of course, these companies use their plans to help sell their goods, but homeowners can choose to buy other fixtures. Specialized floor plan companies have pre-certified bathroom floor plans for sale that simplify the remodeling process. Building codes and industry standards usually specify the minimum about of clearance required around every bathroom fixture. For example, the distance from adjacent walls and other fixtures for toilets and sinks often is 15 inches. Showers require a space of their width for their door. Tubs need a foot of space between them and adjacent walls and fixtures. Different localities could have different codes in place, so any do-it-yourself project should start with some research. For existing homes that have small bathrooms, the decision to remodel offers a chance to make a bathroom bigger. Often this involves removing walls and re-routing pipes, but those who have construction backgrounds can easily handle such a major job. For those without sufficient experience, a contractor can help. Contractors have the tools and the experience to build a completely new floor plan in a home. Licensed contractors usually have the ability to help homeowners decide on a floor plan, so they could be a one-stop shop for a remodeling project of any size. They also have knowledge of building codes and construction licensing requirements, so they can easily save a homeowner save hundreds of dollars in potential fines and penalties. Bathroom floor plans give homeowners the ability to choose the layout of their next bathroom. By researching as many designs as possible, homeowners improve their chance at getting the bathroom of their dreams.



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