Tips For Collecting Old Money

Coin collectors are much more common than old money collectors of the paper variety, though the latter are still quite active and manage to find some rare items occasionally. That paper variety may include pre US colonial currency, money from the beginning of the 19th century, currency from the Confederate States of America and also some souvenir cards of old money as the money itself are almost impossible to find and twice as hard to purchase.

If you are keen on collecting old money you will probably know that a collector’s item of old money is called fractional currency. I was really intrigued when I learnt that during the Civil War the United States began printing 50 cents, 25 cents, 15 cents, 10 cents and 5 cents paper money as they run short on change. Now such weird banknotes are highly desired by any true collector.

There is also other interesting fractional currency which is much sought after. These are private banknotes from the 1800s. Before the US government created a national banknote there were some banks issuing their own money without government backing. However, it was not long before these banks were closed down and the banknotes were counterfeited and altered.

Once the national bank system was established, privately issued bank money was declared to be illegal. Ever since US government money was issued it has retained monetary value. However, it is not the same case with the obsolete old bills from closed banks and this is the prime reason why these banknotes are worth finding. Actually private banknotes from the 1800s have remained an interesting item for collectors throughout the centuries.

It is pretty evident that a lot of old money has significant value nowadays. It is true that casual collectors cannot afford to have any authentic old money and notes from the 1800s and early 1900s as their value and consequently price are too high. That’s how collecting souvenir cards are becoming more and more popular. Having them you can collect a piece of history without actually paying a high price for it.

If you are wondering where you can find old money, you probably wont like my answer. It is really difficult to find old money. Of course, you might still be able to collect a Thomas Jefferson two dollar bill, but those antique coins and notes you are seeking won’t be easily found, nor purchased. The easiest way to satisfy your desire to collect old money is through dealers, collectors, auctions and old money paper shows.

You might also find the International Bank Note Society’s Journal and webpage not only very interesting but useful, as well. They offer contact information for trades and auctions and what is the best, they provide you with images of old currency on their website. In conclusionPsychology Articles, old money collecting is a unique and fun hobby. It has its challenges but it there is no doubt it is worth taking.