Online Poker – Learn to Play for Free, and the Chance to Win Real Cash Prizes

All of the online poker rooms offer you the opportunity to play poker without risking a penny of your own money. You just download and install the software, open an account and then login. You don’t have to give any payment details to do this. If a poker room does ask you for a credit card number, just to open an account, leave and choose another one.

When you create the account you are given a certain amount of play chips. If you lose them all you will be given more.

One of the advantages of Fun money, is that you can learn to play, without risking your own money doing so. Or if you join a new poker room you can get used to the software before you have to put hard cash on the table.

The main disadvantage you’ll tend to find is that because there is no real money at risk, people generally play a lot looser than they would at a real money table. Some players will call every hand down to the river (last community card dealt in holdem), with hands that most good players would fold without question in a real money game.

That said you can get a realistic game sometimes, and for a complete beginner it is a valuable aid to learning the different games and strategies.

If you do decide to play at these tables you should try and make the play chips as important to you as you can. Don’t see every flop and call everything just because other players are doing so. Try to play as you would on a real money table and accumulate chips though tight skillful play rather than pure luck. At Absolute Poker you can earn $50 of real money if you can build up 15 million play chips. Sounds impossible ? Well over one hundred players in the Absolute Poker 15 million chip Hall of Fame would probably disagree. Some of them have done it five times !

Some poker rooms also offer ‘freeroll’ tournaments which are free to enter but have a real cash prize.

Absolute Poker currently have a $50 freeroll every two to three hours which pays $10 to the winner and $5 to the other players who made the final table. There can be up to 2000 players in these freerolls at times so the competition is hot, but its a risk free way to get acquainted with Multi Table tournaments.

So if you want to try your hand at Poker, but don’t want to loose too much money learning the gamePsychology Articles, play money could be for you.

Good luck

Best Bonus Casino Internet: Are You Getting a Good Deal?


So, you might think that casino bonuses are scams, well, they are not.
It is a legitimate marketing tool for online casinos to entice players
to try their site. If you really are a gambler and like playing casino
games, then a best bonus casino Internet deal is a good way for you to
add money to your bankroll.Logically, you cannot expect online casino to give you the best bonus casino Internet deals without having to follow some requirements.This
is how the concept of casino bonuses work. You choose a casino and fill
in the requirements, such as giving your personal identification and
your credit card details. You will then be informed that you are given
a bonus. This bonus is usually a percentage of the deposit you have
made. So, for example, you deposited US $50, a typical casino bonus
would be 100 percent. This means you get to gamble the US $50 with an
extra US $100 which totals US $150.Now, what happens is a
casino will have a wagering restriction of 5 x deposit + bonus. So, you
have to wager around US $750 before you can claim the US$150. If you
are really in it to win, that’s a great deal. If you wager US $750 in a
series of blackjack games and lose 50 percent of those games, you still
get that extra US$150 which lessens your losses. On the other hand, if
you are lucky and you win the US$750 wager, you get an additional
US$200 on top of that. These are just sample scenarios, and bonuses
will differ depending on the best bonus casino Internet deal you will
get from different companies.Here are some things to consider before playing and that best bonus casino Internet deal a shot.If
you are playing blackjack or any other game, you must be aware that in
spite of your skills, the game is still a random series of events.Your
winnings will fluctuate, meaning you cannot win anytime. So, before you
play, have a game plan and stick with that game plan. When you find
yourself in a losing streak, do not divert from your plan just because
you think you are getting that extra casino bonus. Also, do not be
enslaved by having to wager all that minimum requirement (to get the
bonus) in just one sitting. Take it easy and be discipline enough to
stick to your game plan and to your budget.Always remember
that your ultimate goal is to meet the wagering requirements and be
able to cash out that profit. Stop playing if you already have the
bonus cleared.Read the terms and conditions of each site
before agreeing to anything. Good luck with finding that elusive best
bonus casino Internet deal.

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Online Casino For Money: Play The Favorite Casino Games Online

It is to be noted that today it is the era of modernization and globalization. The man is required to work very hard at the work place in order to earn the minimum level of the income that will prove to be beneficial for the person. Hence every person if given an option would love to earn a huge sum of money within a short span of time. With the increasing level of the population the number of people relying on the internet has always been increasing. It is hence always in the best interest of the person to know the online casino for money. Yes! It is now possible for the person to make money just at the click of a button. Various casino firms have come up with the concept of making the home a casino. It is now possible for the risk lovers in every corner of the world to try their luck just by sitting online. It is the online casino that has always been able to provide the people with the best possible returns within a short span of time. However it is equally important for the person to know the risk factor that is involved while going for the online casino. It is the online casino that always enables the person to get the great level of thrill and excitement. Moreover with the additional features of voice chats and video chats people can now go for the best ways to enjoy the online casinos. All that is required by the people is just to log on to the desirable web site. This is to be noted that the online casinos are just like the real life casinos. A person is required to money on line when he is betting on an online casino. With the online casinos it is always a threat in the mind of an individual if the account gets hacked. It is hence important to keep in mind the security issues when it comes to the online casinos. The casinos online have always been able to provide the people with the best possible deal and at the same time for some the fortunes have not been so great.
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Online blackjack: one of the popular online games


As the odds of winning blackjack and l also losing blackjack also it is very essential that you learn the skills necessary to beat the online casinos. Planning ahead of playing the game might not help you as it totally depends on game to game. To bang the online casino games is hard for people who are talented to handle circumstances. There are people who take and then take an option, but this can be done to succeed at blackjack online. Only intelligent people who are very familiar with the procedures and identify how to be in charge of the game will win in the last part. There is no hesitation that few people have this power they can twist the blackjack game according to their tactic. To cope with the game efficiently, you must have some skills that will take you on a winning ride. There are numerous people whose instincts tell them about the next step to winning at online casino blackjack. But not all players have this sixth sense to tell them if you are puzzled and try to be patient and watch the online game. Do not try to abscond the game if you’re in a losing place. If you play for a longer period of time, chances of beating online casinos are increasing. So try tough before starting or you lose. To beat the online casinos will require the force by which you can continue playing at the same time there is a plan that works, but no advice pre-planned. As the game changes, so are the strategies for playing. Therefore, it is better that you get a gaming experience that will be fruitful for you. To win at blackjack online is not at all difficult, but it requires patience to finish the game if you are able to stay to the end and then you’re liable to win any game that you play. It is among the most interesting games online that can help you win good amount of money just play it carefully.-----

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Lucky Sevens Skill Stop Slot Machine Review


If you’re a true Slot Machines Games lover, then you’ve probably sat in front of a Lucky Sevens Skill Stop Slot Machine.  It seems to be one of the Best Slot Machines in casinos today and has been for many years.  However, it wasn’t always our favorite.  In fact, we lost three thousand dollars on one of them sitting there expecting it to hit at one point, but after eight hours we walked out with our tails between our legs.To be quite honest, there were many stories like that one.  The worst part about it was that it was the same machine over and over again.  You know, they always tell you to just accept the loss and move on but unfortunately, we could never do it with that one.  It’s funny to think it took us nearly three years and ten thousand dollars to hit a big pot on the Lucky Sevens Skill Stop Slot Machine.  That being said we still ended up losing money.So is there a good part to this story?  Well, we got so entangled with the competitiveness of beating these Used Slot Machines we bought two Lucky Sevens Skill Stop Slot Machines for our home.  Talk about two determined people.  Night after night, we ate dinner, took a walk, and then headed downstairs to our Casino Slot Machines.  From 8pm-11pm, we’d play those machines and watch our favorite shows.  However, the whole thing was that we were preparing ourselves for the casino.Think of it like Rocky Balboa training for the big fight against all of Russia or any of those “David vs. Goliath” stories.  While at first we weren’t sure how this was going to affect our play at the casinos, we soon realized the benefits.  Our main goal was to stay away from being greedy and play all the Free Slot Machines Games we could. Instead of always playing the maximum bet each time, we’d alternate between one token, two or three.  Just like when we play blackjack.Granted, it’s a lot easier at home and since you get a key for full access, you can only imagine the temptation.  Our biggest issue with our Lucky Sevens Skill Stop Slot Machine, well both of them was that we were playing them an awful lot and afraid they would breakdown.  However, we were told by the superior customer support that there is a lifetime warranty that covers everything but the light bulbs.Anyways, you would think that we should just plug them in the wall on each side of our bed because we play them so much.  In the end, we didn’t hit the proverbial jackpot, but nickel and dime it to death.  Today we are up well over six thousand dollars on that particular machine.  Unfortunately our last hit was about two months ago for a little over eight hundred dollars.  Recently they took that one out, but there are still plenty more to play.Listen, we aren’t trying to coax you into buying this, but we will say that having the Lucky Sevens Skill Stop Slot Machine gave us an advantage.  We tried mathematical systems, spin sessions, and other variables trying to figure out what would work best.  When it came down to it, once we diminished the thoughts of greed and revenge the money started rolling in little by little.  Patience truly is a virtue regarding how to Win at Slot Machines.-----

Let Brian Garvin and Poker Pro Jeff West teach you more about Poker Chips and Lucky Sevens Slot Machines at Poker Stars Direct. Use this article freely but please leave the Author Biography and Links intact.

How To Find A Great Casino


should choose your online casino cautiously; you want an online casino
which is reputable and can be trusted with your wagers. Ask yourself
the three following questions before you make your decision about an
online casino to game with:Which games would I like to play and
what do I expect to gain? Which online casinos offer the games I want?
Does the quality of graphics matter to me? Will I be frustrated with
slow game play? Are there any particular deposit bonuses I?d like? Fortunately,
you can find the data you need to make an informed decision about
online casinos. There are online casino directories which are a good
source for the information you need to make your way through the maze
of online gambling sites.If you?re not yet sure which games
you?d like to play, you can learn more about the online casino scene
through reading these directories. If you want to be a winner playing
at any online casino out there, you?ll have to be a smart player first.How
can you become a savvy player? You?ll need to know how the games you?d
like to play work ? online directories can give you a lot of good
strategies, tips and even tricks which will help you to become a smart
online gambler.If you?re new to the online gaming world, then
you?ll find the online casino directories to be a very useful resource.
You can get the hang of all the popular online casino games and be
playing like a pro in no time at all. As you start to gamble, keep your
best small ? beginner?s luck can happen, but it is mostly a myth.Online
casino directories can help you to answer the first of those questions
by giving you the information you need about the available games.You
can click on the different online casinos listed in the directories to
learn which casinos offer which games; this can help you find the
answer to question number two.The answer to question number
three depends largely on your tastes. If you demand top quality
graphics and fast game play along with advanced features, then you?ll
want to play downloadable casino games. If this is not as much of a
concern to you, then Flash games can be a good way to go.In
regard to deposit benefits and bonuses, you can find out which casinos
offer the best ones by looking through the online casino directories.
Some casinos will even double your initial deposit! You?ll also be able
to keep up to date on any big events in the online casino gambling world.Ready
to get started? Great, but first have a look through the online
directories and find an online casino which can offer you everything
you?re looking for in an online gaming experience.

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Tournament Blackjack and the Art of Sabotage

I was recently invited to play in the Daily Invitational Blackjack Tournament at Foxwoods in Connecticut. Tournament blackjack differs a great deal from the regular version, and my tournament strategy would – at best – be considered a work-in-progress. I’ve played in a few in the past, though, and had a lot of fun time and again, so I headed up to ‘The Woods’ for the day.

Their tournament structure is pretty straight-forward. Each player begins each round with 5,000 in tournament chips, and a preliminary round is played. If a player has the most chips at their table after 25 hands he advances to the semifinals. In the semis, the player with the most chips after 25 hands goes to the final table. At the final table everyone’s in the money; the player with the most chips after 25 more hands would win $5,000 in cash.

I had just barely squeaked by in the preliminary round to win my session. Me and two other players were neck-neck-and-neck going into the final few hands. One of the ladies I was up against busted out with one hand to go, while I got a blackjack on my big bet, pulling me ahead with a decent chip lead. It came down to my opponent going all-in and needing to win her hand to beat me out for the session.

She had a hard 14 against a dealer’s ace – big trouble. She had practically no choice but to hit as I helplessly stood there holding my breath. I chant to myself, “Break! Break! Break!” The dealer delivered my opponent the news. Nine. Game over.

I was the only finisher for that session with about 2,700 in chips. A pretty ugly session all in all, but a win’s a win. That session was the kind of nail-biter that left me tingling all over, and it’s that rush that brings be back with every invite they send me. That, and the fact that they tend to draw spectators is pretty nice, too!

My semifinal round would turn out to be the most memorable. It seems I wasn’t quite done with the ugly winning just yet.

Many tournament strategists recommend players start out conservatively for the round. Most of us weren’t very conservative, but we weren’t very aggressive, either. I started betting 700-900 a hand and cards were going my way the first several hands. Blackjacks were dropping right in front of me, and got some really good double down hands. I just went with the flow, and before long I had a lead of about 4,000 on the nearest contender. The other players had some catching up to do, so at this point, I decided to try for a little fun, hopefully at my opponents’ expense.

I started to play low – betting smaller than the others with the hope that everyone loses the hand. I bet the minimum of 100 while the others went for 1000-1500 to catch up to me. It wasn’t so much about me winning or losing the hand since I only bet 100. If the other players lost, it would increase my chip lead. One hand I had a hard 16 versus the dealer’s 6. In a regular live game, of course, no one would EVER even think of touching the hand. I decided to hit – amid gasps and groans from the other contestants, of course – and busted with 26.

It turns out, that just as I was hoping, I ‘took the dealer’s bust card’ and ‘sabotaged’ the hand. If I left my hand alone like I very well should have, the dealer would’ve broke and everyone would’ve won. Instead she drew to 20 and everyone lost. My opponents were clearly rattled and a sea of dirty looks shot my way.

Next hand, I got an 11 against a 6. Again, I had a 100 bet so I was more focused on the others losing. I didn’t double down the hand. I didn’t even hit the hand. I decided to stay on the 11. The ensuing Jack that was meant for me helped the dealer make a tidy 21. Everyone lost again, and all of a sudden I had a 9,000 point chip lead. Everyone is now furious!

I had such a large chip lead at that point, I practically cruised through the rest of the session. I won the session by 11,000 points and made it to the final table, but not before getting a tongue lashing from one of my opponents.

“I’ve never seen anyone play the way you did.”

“What? Are you talking about that ‘sixteen versus six’ hand?”

“Yeah. That was really, really nasty. Really nasty! You don’t play much, do you?”

“Oh, I play all the time.”

“You’d get beaten up [at the regular tables] if you played like that.”

“Of course I would. I would never play like that regularly.”

From there she went into this whole sob story about “doing these tournaments to have a good time” and that I “ruined the fun for her.”

“Look, this is a tournament. A tournament that’s paying five grand in cash money to the winner! So, I did what I had to do to win, and now I’m off to the finals. Trust me, it was nothing personal.”

In all fairness, let me stress that the ‘sabotage’ tactic doesn’t really work, at least not in the long run. Any reputable blackjack player knows a ‘saboteur’ is just as likely to hurt the table than he is to help it. A sad fact of the matter is that the average blackjack player is bogged down in superstition – ‘taking the dealer’s bust card’ is just one of dozens of them – so the whole idea of sabotaging hands is merely a psychological trick.

If you play low and try to rattle ‘the flow of the cards’ (I’ll go into ‘card flow’ and all the other blackjack superstitions at another time) more often than not one of two things will happen. You ‘save’ the table with your bad play, and your opponents will think “OK, he’s an idiot, but I’m not mad at him because he made me win.” Or, if you kill the table, you’re right where you want to be – inside your opponents’ heads.

An observation I’ve made through several years at the tables is that anger and frustration can rattle even the most disciplined player. Many times – as was the case with my opponents this particular day – this causes them to bet more aggressively than they probably should, and make riskier double down plays and splits to offset your earlier ‘mistake,’ which usually paves the way to self-destruction. On the last hand that sealed the fate of my nearest rival in the semis, She doubled down a 7 against a dealer’s 7 and lost it all.

If a down-and-dirty approach to gambling is your cup of tea, perhaps you should give this strategy a shot.

In case you were wondering, I went on to finish in 5th place for the tournament.

Until next time, best of luck to you in the casinosFind Article, and in life.

Casino Games for Pleasure

Recently, it became possible to play casino online on your phone. Since online casino was created it has been developing at a rapid pace

Most online casinos have at once reacted to the appearance of mobile casino. In no time there have appeared a lot of online casino games adapted for mobile gambling. Nowadays, almost every online casino UK offers a full range of online casino games adjusted for playing on mobile phones. Online casinos provide both classic table games such as online roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and such games as craps, bingo, keno and slots machines.

These days all you need to play casino online is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. You don’t even need money, because present-day online casino UK provides players with a lot of free casino games. You can play free online casino games just for fun or for training and improving your gaming skills. It is a unique opportunity for beginners which is available only at online casinos. But if decide to play for real, be very careful and chose your online casino very attentively. There are a lot of good and trusted online casinos in the Web as well as with bad reputation. You can easily find many lists of top reputable and trusted online casinos in the Internet.

Online slots are one of the most popular and favorite games among online gamblers throughout the world. Online slots, also famous as fruit online machines, have a lot of different versions such as video slots, progressive slots with huge jackpots and others. You can try all of them at any online casino. While poker is a game for those who like mental activity during the gameScience Articles, slots is the game for those who prefer relax and don’t make any complex calculations while gaming.

Be The Perfect Casino Party Host


The year end parties are always fun. You always attended parties hosted by others and if you are looking forward to hosting one of your own, then what better than a casino party at your place. Visiting Vegas for casino might not be on everyone’s mind, so why not recreate the magic at your home. Gambling is hard to resist especially during the parties. A casino party would definitely double the temptation.When it comes to casino games, Blackjack rules the roost. It is in fact the most played of the casino  party games in Kentucky. The basic is to get close to 21 points without over jumping the number or else the player goes busted. A easy game to understand and play, include this game to give the casino lovers their treat.Texas hold’ em is one game that everyone loves to play. A casino party in Kentucky is unimaginable minus this game. A Poker tournament with guests having a face off is the ultimate showdown.Roulette, a popular casino game in Europe is equally popular in any casino party in Kentucky or anywhere in America. The game is played by placing bets on 0, 00 or any number between 1-36. a ball in spun inside the roulette wheel and the number on which it rests down gets the winning honor.Games apart, music is the life of a casino party. Arrange for a DJ or some live music, as per the  taste of the guests coming over. Casino games plus the music would make your party surely a one to remember for long. Make sure that the music plays in the background when the dealers interact with the players or else it would spoil the fun.Determining the floor space required for tables is a tough call. If not for proper arrangement, you would struggle to assure that your guests are enjoying their time on the tables and not waiting for their turn for the lack of sufficient tables. If you think that hiring a event management agency that  would manage the entire casino party at your Kentucky home, right from games to music, then that might be a wise call to avoid mess up.                  More than just a casino party, the evening would also determine your capability to arrange for the best for the guests. Be well prepared with arrangements and let guests enjoy the party to tag you as the “perfect host”.  -----

Casino Party
Kentucky – Are you planning for a casino party in Kentucky?
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Things to Avoid in an Online Casino


It may seem that these sites are trying to
get you into their site just for the sake of them earning money, but
some are actually legitimate and joining the right online casino may
change your life for the good without going through all the hassle in
playing in a real casino. But don’t let that fact stop you from being
extra careful when joining an online casino. There are still a few
things that you need to avoid in an online casino if you want your
money to be secure and ensure that you have a shot at winning.Recently Launched Online CasinosThe
first thing that you should check in any online casino that you see no
matter how attractive the site is, is when the online casino first
launched. One way to check is to use a free online WHOIS tool and find
out when the domain was registered. Domains that were registered in the
present year should be analyzed further through the second step. If the
site is too new, be patient and give it some time for the online casino
site to grow and wait for others to try it out first.Casinos with Bad ReputationsNo
matter what results you get from the first step, it always helps to
check if the online casino has any negative publicity. Avoid any forums
that have negative publicity coming from multiple sources because most
likely you will become a victim as well if you take the risk and join
the site. If you come across a few bad comments, try to look for more
positive comments that may turn the table. Whatever has more feedback
should contribute to your final decision in going on with the
registration of the online casino site.Poorly Made Homepage and ServicesTake
a good at their website and see how the layout and graphics work
together. Also try to read all the text and content found in the site
and check for any grammatical or spelling errors because these errors
can clearly indicate that the site has been rushed and usually rushed
sites are scam sites. Find out what their services are and see if they
are relevant to their casino and ensure they offer a complete package.
If you are not sure, try to compare with another package.Online Casinos with No TrialThe
best online casino sites always have a trial so you can try all the
casino games before you put some money on the table. Any site that does
not have this should be ultimately ignored even if you avoided the
previous three. A risk-free online casino is well-deserved for any player that wishes to have a good time and make some money.It
is important to take this really seriously because getting scammed not
only empties your pocket, but it also puts any personal information
that you supplied at risk. With proper research and good judgment, you
can join the best online casino sites that the Internet has to offer.

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Inetbet is the premier online casino, offering the chance to play for money or to play for free (including bettors in the US). Whether you are an experienced casino player or a novice, Inetbet is simply the best of the online casinos that will provide you with all your casino needs.