Winning At Blackjack


1) If the two cards that you are originally dealt equal 9 or less then you should tell the dealer to hit you.2)
If your cards total either 10 or 11 then a double down play is what you
want to do. However if you’re the total of your cards is higher than
the dealers upcard then you should just hit.3) If your cards total
between 12 an 16 you should hit if the dealers upcard is either a 7 or
higher, but if the dealers upcard is smaller than a 7 you should stand.4) If the cards you are dealt total 17 or higher then stand.5) If you are dealt a soft 13, which is an ace and a 2 and if the dealers’ upcard is a 5 or a 6 you should double down.6) If you are dealt a soft 17, which is an ace and a 6 then you should hit.7) Your should stand on a soft 198) A pair of aces and eights in your hand you should always split.9) You should never split with a pair of 4’s, 5’s or 10’s10) With all other pairs if a dealers upcard happens to be a 6 or less you should split.11) You should never ever take insurance in a hand of blackjack.If
you follow these simple rules to playing blackjack then chances are
that more often than not your table play is going to successful rather
than disappointing. As with all casino games
though the odds are all on the house because these games are designed
in such a way as to be in their favor. However the more experienced you
become as a player along with the application of these simple rules the
more you will turn the odds from the house and into your favor.



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