When It Comes to Poker, Should You Go to Vegas, or Should You Play Online?


An online casino,
for example, will let you play with pretend money. However, in Vegas,
you don’t get to practice and you have to play by betting your own
hard-earned cash. Online, you can play the practice runs and then begin
to play with real money by depositing it into your account.All
kinds of online casino games are available, just like those you play in
Vegas. For example, you can play craps, slots, blackjack, or Texas hold
’em online just as well as you can play them at Vegas. Vegas, of
course, can’t be beat for atmosphere, but if you simply want to play in
the comfort of your own home, online casinos give you the ability to do
that.You don’t have to travel or spend extra money doing so,
and you can gamble as little or as much as you want to. From your
personal computer, you can play online 24 hours a day if you want to.
Online casinos usually also offer what they call “free rolls” in lieu
of real money. These types of games usually start with a lot of
players, but if you’re good at playing poker, you can win seats to
higher money games, and you can actually also win real cash to fund
your money account. A lot of players do start by playing with “pretend”
money, move to the free rolls, and then start playing with real money.If
you play online, you can have the chance to win a lot of money without
actually investing any of yours; again, this is something Vegas just
doesn’t do. Many people have become good poker players and have since
decided to make poker playing their careers. And, they started to play
poker through the online casinos.Many of these people also
never travel for poker unless they go to money tournaments they’ve won
a seat for. These tournaments are often in Vegas, but that’s often the
first time these poker professionals have actually been there; and
again, they did learn how to play online. Because of the online casino
games, those who want to learn to play poker can do so easily.Most
of these sites tell you how to play the different games if you don’t
know how, and the “play money” feature lets you practice without having
to worry that you’re going to lose any of your hard-earned cash, at
least to start. Of course, that would never be true in Vegas. That
said, of course, you should go to Vegas at least once if you really
like to play poker. The atmosphere can’t be beat and it’s something
that can’t be described. With the charged atmosphere and constantly
“ching”ing machines, there is no other way to experience that kind of
excitement.It’s also different to play with real chips versus
playing on the computer, because on the computer, the casino simply
tallies chip points and you pick a dollar amount to bet. That’s unlike
having to actually pick up the chips and throw them into the middle of
the table at Vegas, and may be an experience you want to have. Simply,
live play is truly different than online play, because of that. So
should you play in Vegas or should you play online?There are
advantages to both; perhaps you could start with playing online and
then once you get good at what you do, take a trip to Vegas and try
your hand there.

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