Home Improvement Sense

Remodels, painting or even just a small siding project can be rewarding. Doing it yourself and saving a little cheddar makes it even more so. The wonderful world of home improvement is one of the few things in life you can do for yourself that has an immediate impact. Whether that impact is positive or negative is strictly up to you.

Home Improvement common sense is not so common. Often not following the rules will result in injury or even worse, having to redo the job. While losing a finger is bad, having to repaint the porch every single year could become old after the first coat. Following some safety rules and some home improvement quality rules will save you from both.

Safety is the first thing to think about in home improvement. Eye protection really should be worn at all times. Being strict about it will save a lot of future issues. Even when sanding or painting wear your protective eyewear. One small mishap can result in a looking like a pirate or wearing coke bottle glasses on your face for life.

Wear work appropriate clothing. Cutting board in the backyard in a speedo won’t get you arrested, but it also won’t protect you from flying pieces of wood either. Wearing loose fitting clothing might not be much better as sleeves and the like can get caught up in power tools. Wear gloves when working with chemicals.

Follow all chemical directions, particularly with glue. You wouldn’t use a nail that didn’t go all the way through a board, why would you half way glue something? Some glues require a damp surface while others require a clean, dry one. The best way to tell which is best for the job is to read the bottle. Also allow plenty of time for the glue to set up and adhere properly. Glue dry times are not over estimations believe it or not; if the bottle says X amount of time, give the glue that amount of time.

Scrape, sand, clean and then paint. The reason your paint keeps peeling off your home improvement projects year after year is because the last coat you applied didn’t adhere to the wood. DUH! Painting over peeling paint is a lot like throwing a clean sheet over a dirty one and wondering why your bed smells like cheese. Yeah that’s gross but you won’t forget it either I’ll bet.

Planning is a big part of home improvement. When planning and scheduling your jobs try to make sure that you schedule the “money jobs” in first. By this I mean the jobs that will save you money in the long term. Insulating, replacing or repairing heating systems and plumbing will only save you money. This is nice because in the long term these savings can be applied towards the “prettier” projects you want to do.

Whatever you decide to do as a home improvement project, keep it real. Plan and execute in a safe manner. Doing so will help to make sure that you will be able to make your home improvement dreams come true, increasing the value of your home and improving your standard of living. Until next time may all of your cuts be straight.

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