Decorating Ideas For A Western, Countryside Theme

Do you long for a vacation in a cozy, mountain cabin? Wouldn’t it be nice to leave work and hide away in a rustic retreat, surrounded by nature’s glorious beauty? You can create your own personal rustic hideaway with a simple home makeover. Redesign your home’s style and add elements of rustic flair in a few easy steps.

When you imagine a log cabin, you probably envision natural materials. The key to designing a rustic, western room is bringing the outdoors inside. You can go outside and gather many of the design elements you will need to transform your home. Look for large rocks, twigs, or tree branches. You can place a bundle of twigs in a vase to create a simple centerpiece. Try hanging a large branch on the wall to secure a beautiful, antique quilt.

Use a color motif that is reminiscent of nature, freshness and simplicity. This is not a club wannabe but a warm and cozy abode. Nice colors you can choose from are shades of green, blue, yellow, brown and red.

Country-style homes, particularly log cabins are minimalist in style. The furnishings are simple and sparse. Wood is customarily the material used. The older the furniture look, the better suited they are. You don’t have to change all your things. Add some wood-made stuff here and there, such as a coffee table, side table, chair or dresser. Visit thrift shops, second-hand stores and flea markets for good finds of the oldies – a quilt, crafts, embroidered materials and anything that will remind you of a mountain get-away.

Add a beautiful area rug to insert softness into your rustic room. Look for a large rug in a neutral color or earth tone. You could even look for a rug with a Native American pattern to use as your room’s focal point. Animal print rugs could also work well in a Western room. Look for rugs with soft fibers that will make you feel like you’ve escaped to a mountain cabin. Comfort is the key to a rustic, Western design. You could also use a solid colored rug that offsets your wall color. If your walls are painted a neutral beige or gold, choose a deep red rug. Navy blue rugs also look nice when paired with natural wood furnishings.

Finish your Western design by using old items in unexpected ways. Try using cowboy boots as bookends or rawhide as wall hangings. Horseshoes make innovative candleholders or they could be displayed on a shelf. Use western bandannas to make pillow covers or to cover lamp shades. Get creative and watch your room transform before your eyes!

Try to have soft lighting as much as possible. Use lamps in the rooms and make your home as cozy and comfortable as if you are in a real cabin log in the middle of the rugged western mountains.

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