Interior Design and Architecture: Making the Interior and Exterior Work Together

Harmony and balance is very important when decorating your home. Always remember that interior design and architecture need to go hand in hand if you want to create a well balanced design. According to experts, the perfect blending between interior design and architecture should be the primary objective when decorating a home, an office, a hotel, a restaurant or any other place for that matter.

Paying close attention to the size and shape of the place is very important. Creating a coordinated environment is all about getting appropriate furniture and fixtures to fill in the room. Always remember that interior design and architecture need to complement one another or else your room will end up in a jumble of odd bits and pieces that do not really look like they belong together.

Decorating the Office

Well designed corporate buildings are a sight to behold. All over the country, we see commercial buildings with amazing designs that are both functional and beautiful. If you happen to have an office in a commercial building that prides itself for its lovely architecture, make sure that you do not spoil the view by putting in interior dcor items that does not really go with the architecture. To make sure that your interior design is in sync with the architecture of the place, it will be wise to hire an interior decorator to do your office. A good interior decorator knows how to blend interior design and architecture so no one could accuse your of creating a kind of monstrosity inside your office.

When hiring an interior designer, make sure that you give him or her ideas of what you really want. For instance, you might want to project an ultra modern atmosphere in your office to suit your job. Of course it would be easier just to let the interior designer decide what to do with your office dcor, but if you want to retain a personal touch to your surroundings, it would be wise to suggest your ideas about the design in advance. Besides, blending interior design and architecture is not the only objective in designing your office. You need to have an office where you can work comfortably. Functionality and comfort of the office should be a primary consideration aside from the interior design and architecture.

Since decorating your office will entail money, you might want to give your interior designer an idea of how much you are willing to spend on the dcor. Giving the interior designer a budget will help a lot when he or she selects furniture and fixtures for your office.

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Ballet By Sharapova – An Architecture With Iconic Appeal

Ballet by Sharapova launched by Homestead Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd. is a residential project crafted to meet with housing requirements of modern home buyers. Promising to offer ace of fine living, this project has been named after one of the world’s best tennis players ‘Maria Sharapova.’
As the lady is known for her excellent skills, beauty and attitude, this residential structure will also set benchmarks in real estate industry with its iconic architecture, utopian apartments and exemplary amenities and lifestyle. Having perfect blend of beauty and solidity, Ballet By Sharapova in Sector 73, Gurgaon is a residential complex with dynamism from state-of-the-art technologies.

Home buyers can opt for 3BHK, 4BHK and 5BHK apartments in 42 storey towers. Area of these ranges from 2500 square feet to 4820 square feet. Homes here have been integrated with great level of comfort which has been made possible with the help of world-class amenities. Apartments here have fitted modular kitchen which one can redesign as per requirements. The developer informs that bedrooms here include wooden flooring while other areas will be designed with designer tiles such as vitrified tiles, imported marble etc. Due to artfully crafted balconies there is ample additional space to ‘hang out.’ Other specifications of these homes include high quality CP fitting, themed walls and steel railings in balconies.

Buy a home here and get access to a large number of amenities offered here. Some of these are swimming pool, tennis court, park, gym and community party area. Safety, security and peace of mind, all will be possible here because residents here are safe from all kinds of security related threats. Fire sprinklers, RCC framed structure and CCTV cameras are some of the methods used to ensure safety.

Ballet by Sharapova is situated in Sector 73, Gurgaon, that comes under Golf Course Extension suburb. It lies in the vicinity of DLF Alameda, Today Canary Greens and Today Callidora. This locality is perfectly connected to important junctions via roads such as National Highway No. 8 (NH-8), Golf Course Road and Sohna Road as well all proposed metro lines. One can reach schools, hospitals, shopping areas and other important places within a few minutes drive. This area is anticipated to offer good ROI, so book an apartment here today only.

Homestead Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed name in real estate market. It is a name recognized for offering only quality projects. In its years of journey the group as offered ample number of projects. Some of the prominent projects include Michael Schumacher World Tower.

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Interior design is more integrated with the architecture of a building

choice of furniture and fittings as well as adding finishing touches and decorations such as paintings and objets d’art. All of this provide a certain “feel” to a house but essentially the underlying structure of the house is not changed.
Interior decoration is normally professionally done by Interior Decorators although recently the trend has been for people to learn about Interior Design Bristol through various courses or books and then apply the techniques themselves-usually on a shoestring budget. The whole objective of Interior Decorating is to make a house aesthetically pleasing and at the same time, unique, since it should reflect the owner’s specific personality and tastes.
Interior design on the other hand is more integrated with the architecture of a building and a professional Interior Designer will work closely with architects and builders to make choices regarding the integral design of the whole house or building. This includes looking at choices with regards to room layout, choice of cabinets and tiles and lots of other design factors. While the Interior Design budget for new developments used to be minimal, it is recognized these days that incorporating Interior Design Bristol into the project means the difference between a run-of-the-mill development and one that contributes to the branding and life-style image of the project. The money spent on Interior Design is therefore seen as a worthwhile investment in the whole property development process.
Homeowners are spending more and more to improve their homes. Since it is relatively easy to change the appearance of a house by changing the finishings and fittings a large portion of this money goes into Interior Decorating. The growing popularity in do-it-yourself Interior Decorating has meant that a whole industry around Interior Decorating courses, books and TV Shows have also sprung up, and it has become a popular hobby for married couples. Innovative Interior Decoration ideas, which cost less but at the same time giving the impression of style and class, are in vogue.
Young entrepreneurs have also seen the gap and there is a growing demand for information and courses on how to break into the Bristol Interior Design and Interior Decoration Industry. This has also given the home {interior decoration industry a boost.
Although the trend recently is for people to tackle the exciting task of transforming a house themselves, it has to be recognized that this falls more in the area of Interior Decorating. Interior Design still requires study of the context of Bristol Interior Design, the theory of good design, knowledge of the technical advances in the engineering industry for both residential as well as commercial buildings and knowledge of the latest trends and advances in the Interior Design industry.
In short, an Interior Design project in which all the elements of design are pulled together is still the ambit of the professional designer who should be able to deliver on projects that extend beyond the boundaries of a hobby pastime.

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Interior design, Interior decoration, Interior architecture

If your dream is to build a one of its kind living quarters for your loved ones or a working space for your successful business, what you need is an excellent interior design plan that is practical in use and comes loaded with exclusive interior decoration features and finest of interior architecture details and elements.  MAK Interior Design consultancy, a world renowned interior decoration project execution and world-class interior architecture design agency run by an multiple award winning interior design expert Mary Ann Kleschick, a Philadelphia based world renowned interior decoration design expert and a leading industry figure, she is known for successfully designing and completing numerous award winning ‘exclusive’ interior architecture designed houses, villas and offices for her elite list of clients across the globe.

Regularly featured in various leading interior design magazines and frequently interviewed for numerous interior decoration columns in major newspapers and periodicals, she has been honoured with several awards and accolades for being the interior architecture industry leader in various interior design expos held across the US and the neighbouring countries. MAK interior decoration and interior architecture Company has been designing and building world renowned living and working spaces since its inception and has been fulfilling its clients dreams and desires of having their own colourful home and productive office space that defines every client’s unique character and inimitable individuality.

Known for possessing unmatched and unsurpassed interior design skills, Mary Ann Kleschick has been designing interior decoration houses that represent the true soul of its tenant and specially executed interior architecture designed offices that represent the unique characteristic of its business module, eternal spirits of its workforce and unconditional triumph of its business owners.

From fulfilling every conventional demands of her client such as building houses and offices that are equipped with the most exclusive designs in the world to more challenging demands of fulfilling these dreams in the most cost effective way, she has been instrumental in solely leading the interior design industry of US to its present successful stature. Be it practically planned kitchen interiors or a more elaborately executed colourful interior decoration of your living room, Mary Ann has been active in fulfilling dreams of numerous dwellers of owning an house that is as unique as owning a custom made automobile with a vividly designed interior architecture and equally shining exterior design that is specially planned, designed and fabricated according to your individual taste and need.

Contact us today to build your dream home with a custom made interior design living space and cost effective colourful interior decoration which are built by world renowned designer MAK Interior Architecture and designers of Philadelphia. For further details, visit our website today.

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Habitat Architecture, Leading Home Remodel Architects

Article by Timmy Vic

Habitat Architecture is one of North America’s premium Home Remodel Architects firm. The quality of their design, their attention to details and years of expertise in home remodelling has made Habitat Architecture the go-to firm for all home design and remodelling projects. Habitat Architecture specializes in residential design and is engaged to transform your ordinary residence into an extraordinary mansion suited to your needs and expectations. With unbelievable before & after pictures featuring some of the most beautiful residential constructions in the country, Habitat Architecture has established itself as a strong leader in home remodelling and features a team of highly skilled and devoted Home Remodel Architects.

Habitat Architecture is an architectural firm based out of Minneapolis, in Minnesota. Since its initial establishment, in 1991, Habitat Architecture has specialized itself in custom residential design and remodelling. One of the main characteristic of Habitat Architecture is its team’s ability to follow instructions, the architects will listen to your every need and expectation, answering any concerns and questions you might have and work with you in order to achieve a gorgeous design that fits your lifestyle and your unique requirements. Habitat Architecture strives to offer a variety of design possibility for your home design, ranging from traditional to contemporary, from small to large and modest to luxurious. Its founder and principal architect, Hamid Kashani, graduated from University of Minnesota, School of Architecture in 1980 and then went on to work in different firms with different design specialties. His expertise and past experience allows him to be able to undertake many type of projects and offer a great range of different designs and possibilities. Kashani is a member of the American Institute of Architects and the American Solar Energy Society.

The Home Remodel Architects team at Habitat Architecture will make it their priority to present you a remodelling solution that will take your initial residential construction and transform it into the house of your dreams. Habitat Architecture’s employees will assist you at every step of the process as a mean to avoid any mistakes that can end up being very costly and will also pride themselves into directing you into new creative ideas, the highly trained team of architects of Habitat knows what the possibilities are when remodelling an existing home and will do its best to present you every single possible option for your remodelling project.

Habitat Architecture has remodelled homes all over Minnesota and continues to do so to this day. The quality of their design and the incomparable customer service offered by its team of Home Remodel Architects has placed Habitat as the biggest name in home remodelling services in all of North America. Habitat Architecture’s website features an incredible portfolio with before & after pictures that will leave you breathless, the simplest designs, down to a cabin in the woods, are being transformed into modern, spacious home designs.

For more information on Habitat Architecture or browse through its gallery of projects, please visit habitatarchitecture.

Habitat Architecture is an architectural firm located in Minnesota specializing in custom residential architecture out of Minnesota. Green Architecture is used to ensure homes are built in a way to reduce the environmental impact of the surrounding area. For more information visit

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