A Look at Heat Distribution Systems and How They Impact Heating Repair Allen

Furnaces, heat pumps and radiant floors or wall panels keep homes warm in the winter, but though they provide the heat, there are different ways that heat is transferred from the source to the rest of your home. There are several heating distribution systems used in homes today. Here are three of the most common ones.
Forced air systems
A forced-air heating system distributes heat and cool air through ductwork and vents throughout the house. An energy-efficient duct system distributes heated and cooled air evenly to every room in your house. Regardless of the system design, leaks, blocked ducts and poor insulation causes unbalanced distribution. A technician from heating repair Allen can examine your ductwork and seal or insulate your ducts to prevent heat loss. It’s easy to check for proper airflow yourself. Close outside doors and windows and interior doors and turn on your central air switch. Then open interior doors just a bit and see if they close or open on their own. Rooms with doors moved by air have restricted return of air. You should contact a tech from heating repair Allen if this happens. The root of the airflow problem may lie with your furnace, vents, ductwork or a combination of all three.
Radiant heating
A home that’s kept warm by radiant heat uses electric heaters or hot water inside wall panels or floors as a heat source. By definition, radiant heat transfer delivers heat from a hot surface into a room. It’s similar to the type of heat you feel from a hot oven or stovetop when you’re cooking a meal in the kitchen. Infrared radiation transfers heat to people through walls and floors.
Radiant heating doesn’t use ducts like forced air heating, so there’s no potential heat loss from unsealed ducts. Radiant heating is safe for people with allergies, since it can’t spread allergens through ducts and vents like a forced-air system.
Hot Water Radiators
The second most popular heating distribution system, next to forced-air heating, hot water radiators resemble old-fashioned steam radiators. Homeowners should use programmable thermostats in conjunction with hot water radiators to control temperature in different parts of a large home. When adjusting temperatures with a hot water radiator, you should keep cooler parts of the home at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This will prevent pipes from freezing. Unwanted air release is a common problem with heating systems using a hot water radiator. If you’re not sure how to prepare your hot water radiator at the beginning of the winter heating season, contact your heating repair Allen tech to do it for you.
At Kleen Air Services in Allen, we repair many types of furnaces and HVAC systems, including forced-air systems and radiant heating. We’re a full-service company offering seasonal heating check-ups, preventative service agreements and energy conservation programs. Call us at 972-375-9251 if you need heating repair Allen. And don’t forget to check out the coupon page on our website for extra savings on service calls, duct cleaning and other services.
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