How Antler Chandeliers Complement Southwestern Lighting

If you are striving for a unique and truly authentic finished product as part of your Southwestern design project, you really should consider antler chandeliers, a definite mainstay of the Southwestern lighting look. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and as they are all genuine items, they are sure to be unique.

Antler chandeliers have a very distinctive and organic shape and when matched with your other items of ranch-style furniture will be very pleasing to the eye. If you have have almost completed your redesign and are looking for something to tie the whole look together, antler chandeliers can really meet your requirements.

The look of the Southwest owes a lot to bringing all those elements that we enjoy outdoors within our homes. The inherent beauty of genuine antler products is as such a natural incorporation. You will be able to find a particular type of product no matter what room you are working on, its size or grandeur.

Antler chandeliers can be made from the castoffs of the mule, elk or moose and vary considerably in weight, size and composition. According to the animal, the frame can be two or three tiered and you could pick and choose your items according to the purpose and scale of your rooms throughout the home.

If you have a rustic home or maybe a log cabin, antler chandeliers are absolutely perfect for your abode. You might have a weekend getaway at a cabin somewhere in the wilderness and will want to re-create the natural surroundings as best as possible. Consequently, antler chandeliers are a perfect fit for this.

Some uneducated environmentalists seem to think that animals are harmed when antler chandeliers are made and this is completely untrue. These items are natural castoffs and stags or deers shed them at the appropriate time of year. They are then harvested and made into a product that has a beautiful effect for you and your surroundings.

To be most effective, Southwestern lighting including antler chandeliers, should be placed within a minimalist decor and these items are perfect for rooms with exposed stonework, fireplaces, mantles and around wooden furniture. If you choose one of the larger, moose items, be careful not to overpower the entire room. These products are best in larger spaces.

Due to their distinctive beauty and meticulous craftsmanship, antler chandeliers are perfect for mounting candles or lighting bulbs to create an authentic and natural look. Consider rawhide lamp shades which are known to give an additional glow to the antlers, as the lace lamp shades complement the natural feel. You will undoubtedly contribute to the ambience and homely feeling of your room when you have completed your project.

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Interior Design: Antique Lighting

Lighting is an essential feature of interior design. Clearly, we need light to be able to see, but there is much more to lighting than simply the addition of a light fixture. For instance, in a home environment, excessively bright light is a big no-no. Ambience is what we should create in our living quarters, and very bright light makes for an uncomfortable experience when trying to relax. For living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, what we need is subdued lighting to create a perfectly harmonious atmosphere.

In order to decorate a room well, the lighting must be just right, not to dark, and certainly not too bright. Furniture may be expensive, curtains and carpets the epitome of luxury, but if the lighting is wrong, the room will feel at odds with itself.

Antique lighting fixtures are perfect as a means of lighting a room. Frequently, they are unable to emit excessively bright light, which is a bonus. Moreover, by using an antique light as a primary, or secondary, source of lighting, you simply add to the interior design they stand in their own right as a decorative item, much like an item of furniture or a painting will do. To classify a light as an antique, it must be at least a century old.

Antique lighting is a broad, umbrella term to describe all lights over 100 years old. As such, there are huge variations between the items available for purchase. This is great news, because it means a great deal of choice. Interior designers will suggest purchasing items that fit within the general period of the room. Therefore, for modern decor, you would think that it is difficult to find a suitable antique light, but this is not the case, popular contemporary styles often reflect past trends. Moreover, by choosing antiques that are unique, you ensure they do not fit a particular era per se, individuality tends to suit any look and so can normally fit with any style of decoration providing you select the item carefully and with thought.

With a decorative antique light, you can choose them as a main source of lighting or as a secondary source. Depending on which type you want, their brightness should vary: primary sources of light do need to be a little darker than secondary sources.

When purchasing antique lighting, bear in mind the novelty factor. Antique lights are not a novelty; they are intended to act as an exquisite focal point to a room, and not as a garish or gaudy addition. You should avoid Betty Boop-style lighting for instance!

Remember, the way in which you decorate a room, and the lighting that you use, are a reflection of your personality; if you like it, it is ok. Nevertheless, when decorating a home, soft lighting is best for creating a relaxed and tranquil environment.

You can browse an exceptional collection of antique lighting at; their range of lamps is truly breathtaking.

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Brighten Up your Home with Modern Lighting Fixtures and Accessories

Article by Canadian Home Find

When it comes to modern and high-value home design, stylish and time-relevant home lighting will always be one of your main concerns. After carefully deciding on the most appropriate home furnishings, home decors, floor materials and even wall colors, the decision cycle will not be complete if you fail to integrate the lighting components in each of your home interior choices. Your main objective is to find the right lighting that accentuate the desired home interior theme and character. In most instances, the type of fixtures or furnishing where the light emanates will play a significant role in attaining the preferred ambience of the room.

If your main goal in setting up the interior lighting is to establish varying and contrasting moods in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc, then it is vital that you carefully consider the appropriate lighting options for each of these rooms. One of the more popular options is the use of traditional lamps that are strategically placed in specific spots of the room. In most instances, varying wattage and 3-way lamps are used under this lighting option. Torchiere and sconces lamps are also growing in popularity under this lighting option, and this are the preferred lighting fixtures in places where homeowners want to direct the light in the upward direction.

Another lighting option that is making a big comeback of sorts is track light. This lighting option comes with the requisite technologically-enhanced features making them relevant to the needs of modern homes. Track lights are the preferred choice for the entertainment area and bar. This lighting option provides versatility and flexibility in the configuration, combination and number of lights used. With the proper configuration under this lighting option, one can decide the specific number of lights that can be used on a particular track, including the number of lights that are turned on at any given time. You can also configure the track lights so that they are focused on specific areas of the room.

A modified version of this lighting option is the application of strip lights on specific spots of the room. This is commonly used in rooms where bright illumination is desired. This is the preferred lighting option in kitchens, garage area and home office.

Another lighting option, which normally forms part of the overall lighting system of modern home, is the traditional ceiling-mounted lighting system. These large lighting fixtures come in different styles and elegant designs. These are used in modern homes primarily for the added aesthetic appeal that they provide. The configuration as well as installation depends on the appropriate blending with other design elements.

In situations where you need to highlight certain elements or fixtures, special lighting systems are used to achieve the desired accentuating effect. This lighting option usually involves the installation of puck lights or LED strip lights to focus and highlight specific design elements of the home interior. The specific function of these lighting fixtures is to direct the light towards a particular spot of the room to give specific objects the required level of illumination in order to attract attention.

The exterior of the home can also be the object of enhancement and aesthetic upgrade with the use of the appropriate lighting options. However, the dynamics of exterior lighting is somewhat different from that of the home interior. In your determination of the appropriate lighting fixtures that can accentuate specific areas or portions of the home exterior, you also have to take into account its functional relevance. In which case, you will have to establish the middle ground in as far as functional and aesthetic relevance of your chosen lighting options is concerned.

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