Buying A Home – 5 Neighborhood Features You Need To Know

Do you know how important the location is when buying a home? Buying into a good location can significantly boost the resale value of your home. Not only will you profit more from the increased value, but you’ll have an easier time selling it as more home buyers are willing to buy it. But if you decide to purchase a home in a less searched for location, expect your resale value to be a lot less. Let’s go into detail over the 5 neighborhood criteria that can boost the resale value of your property:

1) Local School District – Higher rated public school districts increase the demand for homes in that community. If you plan on sending your kids to the local public schools, you’ll want to put this at the top of your criteria for the ideal neighborhood. If you’ll be using a private school for your children, this feature may not be so important.

2) Local Crime Rate – Who wouldn’t want to live in a city with low crime? While this may be high on your list of desirable neighborhoods, be prepared to sacrifice more in travel time to work and other daily activities. You’ll find rural areas to have a lot less crime than the crowded metropolitan areas.

3) Quality of Shopping and Amenities – You’ll find that communities with a greater variety of shopping and activities attract more homebuyers to that area. This in turn increases the resale value of homes in that community.

4) Square Footage of the Home – While it may be tempting to buy a home with the largest square footage for the money, be aware that a large home situated in a community of smaller homes tends to appreciate slower. Most home buyers attracted to that community will be searching for smaller sized homes to fit their budget. Buyers who want a larger sized home, will prefer to purchase one that matches the surrounding community. Homes with an unusual remodel can also stand out like a sore thumb.

5) Is It Up and Coming? – Lastly, check to see if the neighborhood is showing signs of improvement. Drive the area to see if homes are being remodeled, have new landscaping, or if new trendy stores are opening. You can also check with the local city planning department to see if there are plans for future redevelopment in the area. If you time it just right, you could get in on the ground floor of an up and coming neighborhood. This will definitely have a positive impact on the resale value of your home.

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Home Security with a Neighborhood Watch Group

Article by Jon Jacobson

It depends on the person and the neighborhood but here in the United States people often times try to take everything into their own hands when it may be easier to receive help from another. When it comes to improving home security, the first thing troubled home owner’s think of is a brand new home alarm system, video surveillance, or brand new doors locks. These are all great ways to upgrade home security, but they come with a hefty price. It may seem like the most secure option but the reality is that you, the concerned homeowner can receive good home security without spending thousands of dollars with the help of your neighbors and a neighborhood watch system.

A neighborhood watch system works as a group of individuals get connected to protect a neighborhood. It may not always be your specific home but the chances burglars will target your particular home will be less if the whole neighborhood is protected and safe. A neighborhood watch group essentially maintains observations on the neighborhood, keeping an eye out for suspicious individuals loitering or doing other unusual behavior. A neighborhood watch group can also be a good support system for organizing community events that touch on home security, crime, and ultimately safety.

Neighborhood watch groups can help in a variety of ways. As an involved participant you can find out about all the neighborhood reports dealing with crime, noise, and other mischief which may occur in and around your home. Monthly or even weekly meetings with the group can constructively deal with community issues relating from anything like park loiterers, abandoned cars, and messy homeowners who may neglect to maintain their yards and devalue the neighborhood.

The system of neighborhood watch works to ensure home improvement because if updates and reports are made about several houses, you may already know in advance some of the threats to the neighborhood. By talking with neighbors your can construct different ways to ideally deal with such problems. As a member of a neighborhood watch group you’ll be able to meet a variety of homeowners in the neighborhood and have references for potential caretakers to monitor your property like feeding the dog and watering your plants in the case that you and your family go on vacation.

Want to improve home security and interested in a neighborhood watch group, well chances are that your current or new neighborhood already has some sort of organization such as a home owners association etc. However a good way to find out if one exists is by contacting local law enforcement to find out. If a current community group doesn’t exist, the police station can give you information on current community leaders and then you could contact them to organize interested participants together for bi-weekly, weekly, or even monthly meetings.

Save some money on your home security for the next big vacation by forgetting about a grand home alarm system, and instead set up or get connected with a strong community neighborhood watch program.

Meet neighbors and get to know those in your community with neighborhood watchsecurity system. With good home security companies like ADT helping you won’t have to worry about getting your neighborhood and your home secure.

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