Great Plains Partner Newsflash: W2 and 1099 forms printing in Dynamics GP

Article by Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Dynamics GP does allow you to accumulate during the year, adjust and print IRS required forms, such as 1099, W2, W3. If you have just implemented Dynamics GP in your organization in 2008 and now you are facing the approaching deadline to print and mail the forms to your employees, vendors and IRS, then you might be interested in getting some practical information. This small publication is written in the form of highlights and may require additional Dynamics GP consulting help:

1. US Payroll Module. Here you may have employees (W2 and W3 forms) and contractors (vendors: 1099 form). Please, review employee entry form and set it up for each respected worker

2. Vendors in Accounts Payable module. In order to accumulate 1099 amounts during the year, you should specify that the vendor is of 1099 type. If you forgot to do this you can still Edit 1099 amounts for each month and then print