Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is notorious for going over the initial budget. There’s a good reason for it: more than any other rooms in your home, these two are likely to fall victim to mold, rot, and other damage that your contractor will only discover after the walls have been pulled down. In addition, these two feature fixtures like showers and countertops which are built into the walls and must be pulled down in order to substantially change the look. These facts mean that a kitchen or bathroom remodel is almost always more expensive than any other room, and that it’s hard to bring in a job like that under budget. However, it’s not impossible to do on a tight budget – you just need to know where it’s safe to cut corners, and where you don’t want to underspend.

Never Leave Mold, Mildew, Or Rot

If your contractor discovers any kind of structural issue or any kind of growth in the walls as part of the job, always have it taken care of. Your walls and floor are likely already exposed; if you decide to take care of it later, you’ll have to rip everything up again. Even worse, if you cover it all over with new materials as part of your redesign, you’ll just have to rip up all the new work. If your home is not very new or your bathroom remodel is the first in a long time, consider leaving extra money for potential mold, mildew, or rot removal. Older homes simply don’t have modern waterproofing technology, and finding some kind of growth is almost guaranteed.

Know When To Save On Bathroom Remodel Materials

There are times when you want to save, and times when it’s best to spend a bit more. Generally, saving on the actual visible materials is the safest. The underlying materials are the real meat of the bathroom remodel, and are much harder to replace than the simple surface material. Bathtubs, tile, and fixtures are really simple to re-do if you decide you want a more expensive finish in the future. On the other hand, using more sophisticated waterproofing material to ensure a truly watertight seal provides a lot of value into the future and will maintain regardless of what you decide to do with the finishes built on top of it.

Don’t Go With A Lower End Contractor

When it comes to bathroom remodeling professionals, you almost always get what you pay for. Remember, if you pay an inexperienced or unlicensed individual to come work on your home, you might well get work done and you might save money, but you’ll almost certainly have to pay someone to come in and fix the mistakes they made. A big bathroom remodeling job requires a lot of expertise – running drains, planning out plumbing, and working with electrical may all be required in addition to complex tiling knowledge. Any of these advanced tasks just isn’t suitable for anything less than a professional contractor.

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Remodeling: A Different Perspective

It appears that homeowners are planning to update their homes over the next few years in a few interesting ways. Remodeling is becoming a more popular trend as Americans live in their homes longer and homeowners are no longer saying that increasing a home’s value is their #1 reason for remodeling.

According to the Houzz Survey:

Livability Trumps Home Value (February, 2012), 84% of respondents (87% homeowners) said improving the look and feel of their homes was the top reason for remodeling projects while only 47% said increasing home value was a reason for planned remodeling projects.

89% of survey respondents are homeowners!

Average home value is high at $ 450,000 … and likely that’s because Houzz readers fall at the high end of the real estate market, and homes above $ 1,000,000 can significantly influence the “average” home value. Average household income is $ 124,000 which makes perfect sense, to support owning a home with average home value. 78% of homeowners are married and 24% are in their first home.

The Reasons behind Remodeling

Why do people call for help with their home projects? Many homeowners focus on their homes in the first year after buying, and then how they prepare their home for sale. This makes me wonder why more homeowners don’t update and repair things as they go, so they can enjoy the home more? In this sense, they can live contented in their home.

When the US economy stalled, we started to see a decline in home maintenance and home remodeling. After that, the government offered tax credits to upgrade homes for energy efficiency. Many homeowners took advantage of these federal and state programs to upgrade windows or buy new appliances. Now we seem to be settling into these new housing trends. We’re not moving as frequently so it makes sense that homeowners want to improve their homes, as they expect to be there for years to enjoy their upgrades.

People are focusing on quality of life and recognize that their homes play an important role, i.e. they want to improve the look and feel of their homes. People are also spending more time at home — more people are working from home, we’re making our homes more functional with gym and spa features, we’re entertaining at home versus going out and we’re taking stay-cations. As people consider activities they’re already doing, or would do with the right space and equipment, homeowners are investing in themselves and their homes.

We turn your home remodeling dreams into reality with creative solutions to achieve your goals, both functionally and aesthetically, within your budget using quality products and materials.

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Ways To Get Home Remodeling Products

Home owners have been unsatisfied with the current state of their homes. Nevertheless, they have often lacked the motivation, time, or money to try large scale projects to redesign their houses. It is almost not a problem anymore though. To get desired result, you have to get home remodeling products you want.

Home remodeling products are cheaper than ever, and they come prefabricated to work together seamlessly, simplifying even the most difficult projects. If you would like to improve your house, then there is absolutely no reason why not to begin these days!

Dozens of Local Locations

Chances are that you will find many home remodeling product stores with the materials you need within a fifteen or so mile radius around your home, making them simple to find and purchase and saving you a lot of money on shipping and handling costs. How much money? Hundreds of dollars if your project is large enough, thus it is actually very helpful to pick up the home repair products locally.

For a simple list of home remodeling products, you might want to get a free catalog at your local home improvement store or check around online. You simply need to know what area of your home you need to remodel – you don’t need to have any idea whatsoever about what you need to do with this. Just by looking at a catalog, you can get some fantastic ideas. By searching online for remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, etc., you can even get some fantastic (although probably costly) ideas about tips on how to redecorate these areas of your home.

Home remodeling products will help make any large project easy by working together with other materials. Instead of screwing that piece of wood in, why not try some very tough glue (that is often comically said to last longer in comparison to the wood itself)?

Or instead of laying down laminate flooring, try several ceramic tiles to provide your kitchen new life. For just about any project you can consider, home remodeling products will help you do it in different, easier methods and save money at the same time.

The only limiting factor to how much you save and how hard a time you have with the project is how much you’re willing to search for home remodeling products. While your local brick and mortar stores probably get a great deal of inventory to pick from, you might still want to search online to get the biggest possible choice to select from.

In reality, if a store does not have a certain product in stock, you may still be able to go online and order it from the company, get it shipped directly to your home. Home remodeling products are good tools for having your projects done, and now, they last longer than ever with less maintenance.

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Why Hire Home Builders To Work On Remodeling Projects

There are a number of different home projects that can be done to renovate a home but the most requested by a homeowner are for remodeling Tacoma kitchens that are in need of an update. In older homes the floor plan of the kitchen is often inadequate for the current owner to use properly. Expanding the space to allow for better access to cabinets and a fuller pantry provide the means for a homeowner to open up their kitchen and make it more user-friendly.

For some people the cramped quarters can be added to by removing a wall and taking their kitchen into an unwanted dining room. If there is not enough space inside the house the Tacoma home builders that are doing the remodeling work might remove the outer walls of the home with an addition that will offer more counter space to the homeowner.

After the demolition of cabinets and countertops is completed and debris removed from the premises a contractor can begin to make changes and alterations to the house that will be beneficial to anyone using the completed kitchen. Many homeowners that are redoing their kitchen want a total makeover from top to bottom and insist on new flooring and lighting fixtures as well as cabinetry and countertop upgrades. With the help of a designer that works with home builders the Tacoma remodel can be finished so that the old kitchen will not be recognized in the new layout of the home.

After opening up the floor space designers can create an island for food preparation and additional storage or use the space to create more cabinets along the wall. By altering the kitchen to make it more functional a homeowner can create the idea space for all of their cooking and entertaining needs.

While the options that are available in a new home attract some people to buy a different house that what they have been living in there are many other homeowners that would rather find Tacoma home builders that specialize in customizing an existing property than building a new house. After moving in and getting settled most people discover that they can make changes to their house that will provide a more convenient and comfortable living space for their family.

Counting on the contracting crews that work with designers to create more functional upgrades to their home, people that are in the process of remodeling Tacoma homes can find all the help they need when it comes to developing a color palette and choosing the finishes that will make their house more suited to their needs and expectations.

By hiring Tacoma home builders to help with their remodeling Tacoma homeowners can find the resources that will transform their property. (

Home Remodeling: Lavish Bathrooms

Nowadays people are spending upwards of $ 10,000 on a total bathroom remodel. Homeowners are opting for more spacious and ornate bathrooms complete with natural stone floors and multiple showerheads. But, if your budget can’t quite handle the expense of a jetted tub or marble shower, there are plenty of options that provide heightened style without a heightened credit card bill.

The best place to start is with paint. Adding a splash of color can do wonders for your bathroom. Start by changing the color of your walls to a light and airy hue. The best options are blues, light purples and neutral colors, all of which convey a calming and soothing feel that is perfect for feeling relaxed in your bathroom. Another option for a quick upgrade that adds color is to change the faucets and fixtures. Adding a splash of class or style can quickly change the entire look and feel of your bathroom. A hot trend right now is brushed brass fixtures, which convey a rich and classy feel that complements neutral colors. Other popular options are faucets that buck the standard look with a unique layout or design.

The primary area of focus in today’s lavish bathrooms is the shower. If you prefer to have a bath tub, there are three general types to choose from: standard drop-in tubs, free-standing tubs or walk-in tubs. Many homeowners are opting for air-jet tubs with provide therapeutic and massaging effects while also allowing homeowners to use bath salts or bubbles. If you prefer the shower only layout, the possibilities are endless. Today’s showers are virtually human carwashes with the ability to install multiple shower heads with a variety of sprays and angles.
If these options are not for you, try going with a few simple upgrades. Adding a high window near the top of your bath or shower can allow natural light to enter the area, which opens everything up and you feel less like you’re crawling into a cave to take a shower. In addition, consider regrouting your current tub and tile. This simple task can go a long way in eliminating any dingy appearances that have accumulated over several years of use. Another option is the installation of a prefabricated tub or shower surround, which can replace or be installed over top of your existing shower depending on the model and type chosen. Finally, consider adding a luxurious shower head, such as a rain-like or massaging shower head for a extra touch.

The final element that distinguishes a luxurious bathroom from a standard bathroom is the lighting and flooring. Lighting, while often overlooked, can be an excellent way to control the feel of your bathroom. A good idea is to install a diverse set of lighting such as overhead can lights near the vanity area and indirect ambient lighting that is ideal for low-key and relaxing baths.
Flooring is also a popular upgrade with natural stone and tile being especially popular in lavish bathrooms. Since these types of flooring can be cold, many homeowners opt to install sub-floor heating systems that warm floors with heated water. A more economical choice is to use low-voltage electric mats, which are smaller in size yet provide just enough of a warm area to stand while getting ready each morning.

In addition to these remodeling ideas, top the bathroom off with accessories that accentuate the look and feel of your bathroom. If you’re looking for an elegant appeal, small yet stately glass containers with a stainless steel top to store cotton balls and Q-tips are popular accents. If you looking for a warm and low key feel, a popular choice is baskets to store lotions and towels. Finally, top it off with new drawer pulls or towel rods to match the updated look and to carry the theme throughout your bathroom.

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Maine Remodeling – Home Improvement: Guidelines For Selecting A Contractor

In today’s world, the most valuable asset owned by people is their home. And when thinking about any size home improvement project, safeguarding this investment should be main priority.

The first step in any remodeling or improvement project is to choose the right contractor. Prudent homeowners will make their selection carefully and after careful consideration. Is the contractor licensed, and is he experienced? If so, in what specific area is his expertise?

How to find a Qualified Contractor:

One source for finding a qualified, experienced contractor is from other individuals who have had comparable remodeling work done. When speaking with contractors, request references and take the time to check them out.

Check with a service that keeps track records of various contractors. You can also use online resources, like Handy, for finding a qualified contractor in your area.

Hire only a home improvement contractor with strong referrals and high rankings. Depending on the kind of project you’re planning, you might have to deal with any of the following professional contractors:

Architects are designers of homes, buildings, and home improvement remodeling projects. You may want to consult one if your project involves new construction or structural changes.

Designers generally have expertise in a certain area of the home, like interior decorating, and bedroom or bath design.

Design/build contractors see your project through from concept to completed construction, and may have an architect or certified designer on staff.

General Contactors oversee the entire construction process, and sub-contract specialized contractors like plumbers or electricians.

Specialized contractors are very proficient in their individual area, like dry wall, paint, or cabinetry.

Questions to ask Possible Candidates

Questions to ask before selecting a contractor for your home improvement may include: How long have you been contracting? What licenses and certifications do you carry? How many projects have you finished in the last year; what were they, and who were they for?

Ask, “What references do you have? Will there be any subcontractors, and if so, what are their credentials? What insurance coverage do you have? What permits are required for my project?”

Be Detailed in your Search

You may also want to check with the appropriate government office to determine if there are any unresolved complaints against the contractor before making your final selection.

Check out all references provided and ask questions like: Was the project finished by the due date and were you pleased with the results? How well did the contractor communicate with you throughout the project? Were there any cost over-runs?

Also inquire if the contractor employee’s were on time, courteous, and whether or not they cleaned up the home improvement site when they were finished?

Canadian residents have the opportunity to make use of the internet to help in the screening process by visiting Handy

By following these guidelines, you help insure a successful home improvement!

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Remodeling Increasing As Housing Market Improves

The housing market continues to be on the uptrend in today’s economy, even while others may question the solidity of our economic climate. Housing is one asset class that has always performed well and will likely continue to do so. It is unlikely that any new land is going to be created or discovered that would lower the value of current properties. Since a home is likely going to be the largest investment you ever make in terms of dollar amount, it is important that you protect and maintain it to make sure it maintains its value and hopefully appreciates. When purchasing a new home, you will likely have a lot of areas of the home where you would like to remodel and improve on. This is perfectly normal, and it can help customize the home to make it your own, as well as increase the value of the home. Remodeling your home can be a great investment. Home remodels are one of the few investments that you can physically enjoy.

Bathrooms and kitchens tend to be two of the more popular home renovations currently. The reasoning behind this is likely due to the fact that bathrooms and kitchens tend to offer the highest return on your investment for the renovation. Everyone enjoys a nice new clean kitchen and bathroom. Renovating a kitchen or bathroom can be something that you both enjoy, but will also be desirable for any potential buyers if you decide to sell the home down the line.

There are so many different options for home remodeling. Examples of some common series include residential improvements such as basement, roofs, kitchens, bathrooms, addition, windows, doors, dormers, masonry, walkways, chimneys, and more. There is really no shortage of things that can be upgraded in a home. Be sure to focus on what is important to you and what you think will pay off for your particular goals and circumstances.

Residential electrical upgrades and improvements will increase the value and appearance of your home. These upgrades and improvements also help you to save money and energy while increasing the safety and security of your home or business. With the changes in technology today, many homes are not adequately updated to meet the demands of new electronics and appliances.

Remodeling and renovation work is an highly specialized field. It takes a very skilled and qualified electrician to work within homes or existing structures. Be sure to hire a remodeling and renovation crews whose knowledge will be clearly evident.

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Virginia Basement Remodeling ? Customizing your Laundry

A lot of older homes can be limiting in terms of how much space they have, and that can force a lot of the amenities to be awkward in their use, or pushed out of the way such as with a washer and dryer being setup in your Virginia basement. It?s the most unfortunately place to have get things clean ? ironically in the corner of a dirty basement.

An affordable option is to update and modify your basement so it?s not just a washer and dryer in a dank corner anymore. You can do a lot on a small budget to trick out your laundry space without sacrificing other areas in your basement. Here are some great ideas for spicing up this utilitarian area of your basement.

Update the floor ? You need to have a floor that works with you, can help you keep your traction, cleans up easily and doesn?t retain moisture. Tile in any format will beat that poured concrete floor hands down any day, and can give you something pleasant to look at while you?re down there.

Add Storage ? Most homes never offer enough storage space in the wash area. Hanging suspended cabinets or creating a vertical pantry can give you just the right amount of storage you need. If you create a table area you can also add under-counter cabinets for additional storage.

Sorting Centers ? Having to create piles of laundry in order to get your colors separate is a hassle. Instead, build some sorting bins that allow you to put colors, darks and whites in their own areas ultimately making for simplified laundry duties and a clear floor.

Built in Sorting, Folding ? A table is a great option for your work space in the laundry room. You won?t have to carry loads of clothes around the house to find a spot to fold them. This gives you a spot to sit or stand and fold your laundry quickly while managing your other loads.

Built in Ironing Board ? It?s nice to have a full size ironing board but it?s not so nice when you have to lug it around for just one or two shirts. With a build in ironing board you?re able to tackle your ironing and then easily put the board away when it?s no longer needed.

The dream laundry suite is just a brief remodel away and it?s a project that won?t sap your budget dry. If you?re looking forward ways to update your home to make life a little easier, look no further than your Virginia basement.

Grab your opportunity to get a 00 discount off the cost of a high quality new Virginia Basement Project simply by requesting a totally free estimate. Contractor in Virginia Paragon offer a full selection of Home Improvement products and we project manage from start to finish and can turn your house into the home you usually wished for.

Remodel your Home Efficiently and Effectively with Boston Remodeling

For the human being, house has always been and will remain as one of the most precious and valuable assets. Hence, it is very important to safeguard the precious home from all types of damages as well as from the fury of nature. The proper maintenance and care of the house as well as the surrounding is indeed very essential. There are some places where climate changes quite frequently and the varying temperature, rainfall, sunlight and wind cause slow but gradual degradation of the homes. Some areas are prone to flood, landslides and other natural calamities and hence, the houses built in these areas need more care and attention than any other areas. Hence, this has led to the concept of proper home remodeling.

Boston Remodeling companies ably provide one of the best services in reconstructing the damaged home. These companies also prove to be of immense help in facelifting the old structure and dilapidated homes. They concentrate on providing the best and affordable services to their customers. The customers’ satisfaction is their motto and this is the main reason why they have become outstandingly popular. Even if you want to sell or enhance the existing structure of your home, they would happily assist you doing that. They also have easy out, easy in updates pertaining to kitchen which gives completely a unique and new look to any kind of kitchen.

If you are planning to provide a new appearance to your home, Basement Remodeling Boston is the best option available before you. You should make sure that there is adequate facility for the entrance of light into the basement. You should take into consideration both natural as well as artificial lighting system while talking about lighting system. The remodeling task can very well be carried out in an effective manner by formulating a remodelling plan. You should include a number of things like your exact requirements and the estimated budget while you talk to a professional contractor. A professional contractor would surely help you do the renovation task effectively as he/she is well aware about the procedure.

Though the bathroom remodeling proves to be a daunting task, but if you avail the services offered by Boston Remodeling companies, you would be able to provide perfect finishing to any kind of bathroom. For changing the complete look of the home, these companies analyse and inspect each and every corner of the room. They have the team of very skilled, knowledgeable and professional persons who serves with utmost dedication and integrity. If you are the one willing to remodel your house, talk to your remodeling architect about what you expect. These architects would suggest you better options that would suit your ambience better. You can yourself see how these people exceed your expectation when it comes to modification, when professional remodeling services are employed.

March remodeling is the name that has become very popular in the very short span of time in home remodeling boston. The satisfaction of customer is the main motto of this esteemed company and it considers its customers as its future.

Home Additions in Utah – Area Remodeling

Many people think that the only way to remodel is to erase what you have and start over and this is not true. Remodeling is not about destruction and construction, although those can be parts of it, its about reconstruction. Reconstruction simply put means redoing, re-evaluating. This is a more common type of remodeling because it’s a little less expensive.

Basements are the number one place to be remodeled where more work is done than may be necessary. When many people remodel their basements they put up walls, create new rooms, paint, carpet etc. However most of the time this isn’t needed to get the same out come. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, you don’t necessarily have to. Basements especially are a great example of a perfect area and the same goes for attics in most places. The reason these are perfect areas is because in most cases they are just big open areas.

Open areas are a dream come true these are the areas where you can put anything in you want and not have to worry about room or the area being cluttered. These are the places where you can put in a pool table or office or anything because you really don’t have any walls to cause boundaries. We all know that the great thing about no boundaries is there is no measuring and no reason not to do whatever you might want to do.

Anyways, to get back to what I was saying places like attics and basements are easy and with the area theme being the new trend they are a great way to show taste and elegance. If you don’t know what the area trend is basically its when you have a big area like a basement, attic, or living room and instead of doing the plain average living theme you separate the room into smaller areas just without putting up walls. For example if you have an empty basement you could put a pool table in one corner, music instruments in another corner, fitness equipment in a corner and so on.

This will fill the room but now make it look crowded because the majority of the floor in will not be occupied by anything. So in the end you have a fully remodeled room but without a lot of extra expenses. When using the area trend the thing that you really have to worry about is trying to fit to many things into one area that’s two small. Although when using the area method if you can get areas close to each other that compliment each other the room can end up looking very well styled and very showy.

An example of two areas that compliment each other very well would be if you put a reading area with some bookshelves in one corner and a classical shinny finished piano something bigger resembling a Baby Grand, would pull the two areas together nicely. This is just another way to consider when remodeling that many times cost less but may look better.

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