Reviewing The Latest Interior Design News

Whether you are looking for contemporary designs, commercial interior design ideas, modern furniture or historic relics for your home, design news can offer practical ideas. Many people like to know what they are looking for prior to calling the professional interior designer, so they won’t get talked into anything they may not want.

Generally, the interior designer will be a good listener and communicator, knowledgeable in everything from interior design furniture and lighting to building regulations and kitchen storage space. So what does the moment hold for interior design?

Green building materials, furniture and interior design services are making design headlines all around the world, but particularly in America, in places like Seattle, Portland, New York and Austin. Last year, green building technology found a friend in the money-conscious consumer who was looking to save on his or her energy costs.

Traditionally, sustainable design had been seen as “pricey” and “hardly worth it,” but now prices have dropped and consumers are beginning to see where pennies can be pinched. The LEED standard became the predominant licensing agency and Energy Star appliances became mandatory for government buildings in many states.

More than 14% of all US cities have some kind of “green real estate” program in place and insurers agree to protect sustainable houses. These breakthroughs are clearing the way for a more responsible and environmentally-friendly society.

While it may sound incredulous, the latest interior design news is that music has been added to the interior design services repertoire. Music/architecture specialists from New York and London to Aspen and Belize are creating customized play lists that are synchronized with their clients’ decor. “Hearing the wrong music in the wrong space can be very disorienting,” explains DJ Coleman Feltes, who has created mixes for Versace, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows.

Stylists charge between $ 50 and $ 250 an hour, he says, which is downloaded onto iPods or sent as CDs by mail. For the discerning, high-end clients, atmosphere is everything and the perfect music fits into that paradigm.

Young interior decorators bring their own distinctive visions to the table, according to the latest Baltimore interior design news. For instance, 30-year-old Annie Zemarel Werden, who comes from a background in Italian fashion and landscaping, adores historic items in her professional interior design. “I like to use things that have a sense of history [like an antique mirror], things you find when traveling or antiquing.

I like the charm of an old house,” she explains. Ex-history teacher Charlene Lester says that her style isn’t flashy but is rather practical in her home designs. She adds, “Given the choice of getting something green that costs a couple of hundred dollars more, most of our clients go green.” Italian Expat Fabrizio Fiorini uses “transitional” designs that aren’t exactly contemporary but aren’t traditional either. He goes for “refreshing, upgrading and renovating,” using bold colors and contrasting cold and warm shades.

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Reviewing Offset Printing

Article by Carol Gracias

The commonly used technique of printing is Offset Printing which works by transferring an inked image from a plate to the surface to be printed through a rubber blanket. While using this technique in collaboration with lithography, based on the repulsive technique of water and oil, offset uses a flat carrier of image which takes ink from rollers on the image to be printed whereas the area not to be printed gets covered by a water based film to restrain it from printing.

The history of development of Offset Printing started with 1875 when England resident Robert Barclay started it on tin and it went upto 1903 when US resident Ira Washington Rubel started it on paper. Those were the time when printing on tin was much popular as tin being the most popular material for packaging goods in early 19th century. Initially the technique of lithography was being used for printing, being a low cost technique, but it could be used only for flat and porous surfaces as limestone was used to form printing plates. The offset printing technique was discovered in 1843 when Richard March Hoe introduced cylindrical plate of metal instead of flat stone. Thus gradually Offset Printing developed to the present position by facing many changes in the meantime.

Even today, with the advancement and introduction of various other techniques, Offset Printing is considered to be the best and cost efficient technique that is used to produce large, voluminous and superior quality prints economically if a proper maintenance is provide to the machines. Lithographic Offset printing technique is still commonly used technique for large quantity of products like magazines, newspapers, books, stationery, brochures etc. the quality of printing has been improved to a great extent by using computer to the printing plates of offset press instead of connecting computer to workflow films.Benefits of Offset Printing

Constant high quality of images: the clean and sharp images can be produced through offset technique as compared to letterpress technique since the rubber blanket complies with the grains of printing surface.

Printing plates lasts long: the life of such plates is longer than that of lithographic plates as they never come in contact directly to the printing surfaces. These plates can be used for much longer period if they are properly developed and are run with ample quantity of fountain solution and inks.

Low cost printing: for printing in large quantity for commercial purposes then offset printing is the cheapest high quality printing technique.

Drawbacks of Offset Printing

Poor printing quality than modern techniques: the anodized aluminum plates used gets chemically oxidized and can print in the non-printing regions if not cared properly.

Costly process for small quantity of printing as the cost of plates and other accessories will be much higher than other techniques like digital offset printing.

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