Tips To Sell Your Home In A Down Market

If you are planning to sell your home, you may have realized that the process might not be easy as it would have been even a couple of years ago. The good news; however, is that there are some positive steps you can take to make your home stand out, even if the market is somewhat crowded.

A few years ago, back when the market was sizzling, homeowners mistakenly believed that putting a lot of money into their homes would pay off big time when it came time to sell. Unfortunately, they failed to realize that upgrading and remodeling are really only mediocre investments. In reality, very few projects actually pay for themselves, let alone bring in a profit.

So, what should you concentrate on when preparing your home for today’s market?

First, before you take on any projects, make sure they are the right kinds of projects. The projects which should take priority are those which will actually protect your home from damage and deterioration. This includes replacing the roof and making plumbing and electrical upgrades. These types of projects won’t do much to beautify your home, but they will go a long way toward preserving the home’s value.

You should also make sure that your home has curb appeal. At a minimum, buyers today are looking for a good paint job. If the exterior of your home is already in good shape, you may be able to get by with just doing a little touch up work. The main idea is to make sure that your home stands out. A little paint does not cost a lot and in the end it can really go a long way toward making a difference when it comes time to sell.

When painting your home; however, it is important to keep a few guidelines mind. First, make sure you are using quality paint. Remember, this isn’t just for show. Ideally, it is best to use two topcoats. This will provide protection against mildew, moisture and the effects of the sun. Second, work to make your home stand out but avoid colors that make your home stand out too much. Choose colors that have universal appeal.

Make sure your yard is tidy. Trim those shrubs and keep your lawn neatly trimmed; even if that means hiring a service to handle it while your home is on the market. The investment will be well worth it when your home sells. Avoid spending too much on sprucing up the landscaping; however. Ideally, you should spend no more than 2% of your home’s value on the landscaping before you sell. Any more than that and you won’t be able to get it back in the final sales price. Focus on spreading mulch around trees, trimming the shrubs and walkways and mowing the grass. If the season is right for it, add a few flowerpots around the patio and entry.

Spend a bit of time on your driveway. If it has not been resurfaced in awhile, now is the right time to take care of any cracks with some asphalt resealer. This is a good way to give your home the appeal buyers are looking for without spending a ton of money.

The basic rule of thumb when preparing your home for the market is to avoid doing too much overimprovement. Getting carried away will ultimately cost you. For example, contrary to popular belief, adding a pool to your home will do nothing to increase the final value. In fact, it will actually take away from the resale value as homes with pools cost more to insure and maintenance costs may turn away some would-be buyers.

Any home improvements you make should fit in with the neighborhood. Take a good look at the homes around your area. The key here is to make sure that you are keeping up with the neighbors, not trying to outdo them. If most homes in your local neighborhood have two bathrooms and you only have a bath and a half, it could be a good investment to upgrade to two bathrooms. Four would be pushing it.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, avoid doing anything that is too trendy. While it might be in fashion today, tomorrow it will just be outdated. Along the same lines, avoid over-decorating. Go with neutral colors that will allow buyers to envision how they will add their own personal touches to the home after they purchase it.

Take the time to clean out clutter. Remember that too much clutter can make rooms appear smaller. Clean off tables and countertops and remove any extra furniture you do not need. If necessary, rent a space to store extra belongings until the home sells and you move.

Create an atmosphere that is homey and comfortable. Make sure the home is clean above all else but also take the time to set the stage. Set your table, put out fresh flowers, make sure the bathrooms have guest towels, etc.

Finally, make sure your home is priced to sell. Take the time necessary to be sure your home is priced just right and not over or under-priced. Homes that are priced too high as well as those priced too low, tend to sit on the market longer. The longer a home sits on the market, the harder it becomes to sell. So, start off on the right foot by pricing it right the first time.

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Staging Your House to Sell With Practical Home Improvements

Article by Allan Williams

Staging Your House to Sell With Practical Home Improvements – Home

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If you are thinking about selling your property, you might want to contemplate on doing some home improvements. It cannot only add attraction to your property but Perth and other Australian buyers are more likely to grab your home at your asking price. Read on for some areas to consider investing in.

Perth home improvements could make a big difference in the entire packaging of your home. It can draw interest of would-be buyers, placing your property on top of their list. Having some renovations, extensions and other projects on your property will also increase its market value. Planning and designing home extensions or home alterations must be done meticulously. Adding a new level to your home must be fitted to the existing home design to make it look bigger, a deck incorporated to your back porch will look superb on your backyard, or even a front porch added to your door will make your home welcoming and cozy. All these improvements will mean one thing – you, enjoying your home and getting profits from it later when it is sold.

Kitchens & Bathroom Home Improvements

When a home listing indicates that recent home improvements to the kitchen and the bathroom have taken place, this automatically elevates interest. A home’s kitchen and bathroom are the two most important concerns to most home buyers. The state these rooms are in will make or break a sale for many people. Investing to upgrade these areas will make your home much more desirable to potential buyers.

You may think it will be very overly expensive to upgrade these rooms but when you factor the difference it can make in being able to sell quickly (and for a good price), it’s the type of home improvement that can be an excellent investment.

(Tip: Now could be a great time to obtain home improvement loans. With low local bank interest rates, it could be very advantageous and result in a bigger profit on your sale.)

Home Improvements – Outdoors

Removing clutter and doing some basic landscaping is an obvious thing to do before putting a home up for sale. Beautifying the outdoors is a big help in “calling” potential buyers to check your property out. Even applying a fresh coat of paint to your picket fence can improve the way your house looks, how much more doing some minor improvements like, adding a porch.

Converting to a Multi-Family Home

Multi-family homes are selling like hotcakes in Perth where there’s a shortage of available rental units. Some families are moving in together to save money and many home buyers are also interested in buying a home that has a rental unit in it so that they can supplement their income or help a family member live semi-independently. Perhaps your home could be improved so that it shows well as a multi-family home. (Ask us for a consultation!)

Next Level Extensions – Perth Home Improvements Specialists

Many contact us at Next Level Extensions for a consultation to discuss home improvements. Perth homeowners who take the time to stage their home often remark that they were astonished at how quickly it sold. We have the skills and the expertise to help you design an action plan that will meet your needs and fall within a reasonable budget, too. Contact us to discuss your options. Whatever your needs are, we hope you will consider us as your home renovation Perth builder. We would be happy to show you why you should consider working with us.

About the Author

Next Level Homes provides a reliable Home Renovations Perth building service focused on quality workmanship and personalised service. We provide a complete Design and Building service for any Home Improvements Perth, second storey addtion and exclusively designed new homes.

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Allan Williams

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Home Remodelling Tips To Sell Your Property Quicker

Article by Robart Horiton

One of the main reasons people get the home remodeled is to sell the property quickly. To ensure the best of returns a careful analysis needs to be done especially when reselling is the main aim. It is but natural that when the remodeled home is sold the add-on cost will be paid by the buyer. Check out the neighborhood to find out how houses have been remodeled so that accordingly the home can be redesigned.

Bagging A Willing Buyer Fast

Ensure that the job does not prove to be too expensive, something that others find are not being able to afford purchasing your property. It would be best to do home remodeling in such a way that a willing buyer is not very difficult to find at all.

When the market is experiencing a rebound it could be one of the best times to get the property remodeled. Market value of homes increases during this period whensunrooms are added. Investments made on remodeling can fetch good returns as sales occur quickly. The alterations choice can be get affected greatly by time as well.

Investments can be made in improving designs and have additions built in. Making such improvements of the structural type is considered to be safer while investing. Besides this, value also gets added for a longer duration as compared to making improvements of technical nature.

In a short time the improvements in property of this kind get rendered obsolete which in turn could devalue your home. Besides this, loss of interest could be caused from any buyer in future. The climatic conditions as well as geography prevalent in the region are also crucial while getting the home refashioned.

Avoid Spending On Unnecessary Areas

If in case the weather is generally hot in the region you stay, then adding a pool for swimming proves to be a viable option. Almost any buyer could get attracted to a house with a swimming pool. There is no point adding a swimming pool in a home where the climate is cool. Too much of money would be spent unnecessarily on an arrangement that is not needed really. To ensure a home improvement is subsidized taking the help of the government is a wiser decision where the home can be remodeled in a better and a faster way.

Due to the subsidy offered you can make your home more affordable for a prospective buyer.A nice kitchen will always be favored by any buyer so the kitchen should be updated.Cabinets could be installed or upgraded and painted which eliminates the need for new cabinet installation. To ensure durability of kitchen counter tops, marble can be used.

Bathrooms can be repaired, repainted, mirrors and vanity cabinets and a beautiful looking sink and faucets can be added. Many of the garage companies offer the kind of services you are looking for. Look up magazines for some great ideas. After completing the remodeling work done you will certainly feel more confident about finding a good buyer as well.

Remodeling a home can be a successful if you are well informed about the same. Since you will be investing quite a sum in getting the home remodeling job done, it is better to get the job done wisely.

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HOME STAGING/ Designing a Home to Sell!

Article by Home Stages Designs

As a professional Interior Designer/Home Stager, I can tell you that it pays off for the homeowner to have their home “staged” for the market. The benefits are amazing! Staged homes bring in a higher value price and sell fast!

Designing a home to sell takes special skill in that the interiors must be designed, specifically, to appeal to all potential buyers. To accomplish this one must learn the skill of “attention to details”. As a stager, I always start with a full inspection of the “hard” surfaces of the home. Paying special attention to any repairs that need to be addressed. Hard surfaces are all aspects of the home that are stationary. Flooring, dry wall, windows and fixtures. Moving on to the cosmetics of the home we outline items that must be edited. Next we make note of upgrades that will bring the homeowner a greater profit and enhance the appearance of the home. Upgrades usually consist of new countertops, carpeting, paint and etc. Once all of the these issues are addressed we move to the actual “staging” process.

Staging a home to show in the market is an absolute must! One must know the concept of balance, function and scale as well as styles, color coordination and the application of “focal points” for each room. Professional Home Stagers have the appropriate training in design and staging to ensure that a home is perfectly designed to appeal to all potential buyers taste. Everything is done for the home in the “staging” process. Furniture placement to tablescaping with accessories, hanging art and lighting.

Proper staging will appeal to all of the five senses. Sight, sound, scent, touch and taste. All potential buyers that enter into the “staged” home should connect with the home emotionally. Most often they do and this is where multiple offers come into play or an offer that exceeds the asking price.

At Home Stages Designs we cater to perfection. Our goal is to “set the stage” for a top dollar sale! We offer individual training ebooks to assist the home seller or home stager at our website

We also offer our Complete Home Staging Training on CD-ROM for those with the desire to enter into the Home Staging industry. No previous interior design degree is needed with this course as we include the basic interior design training you will need as well as our business manual to assist you in the staging process and to develope your own company. We offer certification with the training course so you will not need additional training. This training is all inclusive and will get you started in your own Home Staging business fast.

Come visit our site today! We would love to assist you!

Home Stages Designs, is a Professional Interior Design and Staging Company. Our expertise in the field, spans over 20 years, in Interior Design and Home Staging.

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