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To help you in making sure you get the right home theater system at the right price, start reading a few home theater magazines, which feature articles written by experts in the business. These experts regularly publish articles with the intention of giving great tips and tricks to people who may already own home theaters and those who are contemplating on having one.

Going to the movies might be something you do whenever you had a long, tedious day at the office. Perhaps it may be something you do with your family during weekends. In either case, watching movies this way can end up costing you a lot of money, sometimes up to $ 50 a time with tickets for the family and food.

A home theater system is a major purchase, but if you go to the movies frequently, the money you spend paying for tickets and food could snowball. You’d be better off having a basic system installed so you can enjoy unlimited hours of movie watching whenever you want.

If you are on a tight budget, just start with the basic components and then gradually add other equipment or upgrade components along the way.

Whether you are trying to decide which unit to buy, expanding your system or replacing your old system with a new one, home theater magazines are the next best thing to having a professional expert personally giving you advice and recommendations. From electronics to furniture and other add-ons, you are sure to find brilliant advice and tips.

You will also find a variety of articles, some of which you will definitely find entertaining, and all will help you understand the market better and the way home movie theaters work.

Home theater magazines are likely to also feature reviews of new TVs, DVD systems, speakers, and components and will keep you informed of recent developments in the industry. Subscribing to one of the many magazines can better equip you, particularly when you are making purchases. They can also help ensure that you get the right set up for you. You may be unable to decide between several sets of equipment; there specialized magazines can help you solve this problem — read up on their reviews of the various systems and you’ll become a more informed buyer.

Home theater magazines might even give you advice on where to buy your equipment as they may compare prices among brick-and-mortar stores and online shops. You might also discover articles about the best and newest releases or about little add-ons you could buy to enhance your experience — popcorn machines, for example.

Another great advantage is that they keep you up to date with industry news, new systems on the market, advantages and disadvantages as they arise, and will even give you listings of movies and TV shows to watch on your system.

Home theater magazines are invaluable; they can help you enjoy your home theater to the fullest, thanks to useful information from professionals. The great thing about is that you get tons of professional advice and tips for just a few dollars.

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How To Come Up With Great Home Theater Ideas

If you are having difficulty coming up with home theater ideas there is one very simple solution. One of the best places for ideas is by simply visiting a local home theater showroom.

Setting up your home’s showpiece today means more than just slapping up a TV in the corner surrounded by a set of speakers. That’s just not on. You want your entertainment area to be the envy of your friends and neighbors so give it plenty of thought.

Where To Get Ideas?

This article may not suit those working strictly off a budget however, if you’re inexperienced in all stuff technical and design layout then you need to realize you don’t have to rack your brain and come up with home theater ideas on your own. For example, major stores such as Best Buy have dedicated areas just for home theater.

Simply walking into an area like this can give you a dozen ideas in an instant. Some like wall mounted televisions while others don’t. Speaker systems which blend in with a room are the ideal sound set up and very importantly, TV viewing distance needs to be almost an exact science to get the best from your set up.


How about furniture? Yes the television and sound unit are the cornerstone of any home theater but furniture such as seating not only needs to blend in but also needs to be comfortable. Have you got the technical and design knowledge to set up your entertainment center on your own?

Calibration services are becoming increasingly popular as people look to others to make the difficult decisions about how and where everything goes. When re-designing a particular room in your house which will in time be where you spend the bulk of your time, sometimes it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Realize there are people who make a living from coming up with home theater ideas. Established rooms are very difficult to re-invent on most occasions however, getting an outside opinion will save you a lot of frustration. This type of set up almost needs to be precise from the outset because of placement and wiring issues not to mention lighting.

From the viewpoint of added value, then establishing a theater room precisely from the outset will do wonders for your home’s bottom line if you decide to upgrade at a later date. As a selling point, it’s one of the prime emotional triggers and hard to resist by prospective buyers.

Want to learn more about creating great home theater ideas ? Get the latest tips and tricks in home theater set-up, buying and installation with our in-depth reviews.

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Four Ways To Make Home Theater Set Up More Efficient

There is no hard and fast rule that dictates you need to spend a fortune on home theater setup. Let’s face it, most of us are working on tight budgets yet we still crave some of the pleasures in life and if you are anything like I am, then great television output in comfortable surrounds is a must.

Home Theater Surrounds

In the United States, one great asset in many homes is the trusty old basement. Ask many Americans about how they utilise their basement and most will tell you they store stuff there. If you are one of those and have been craving a private home theater area then give your basement strong consideration. Depending on it’s condition, a basement offers ideal privacy and with the structure already in place, all that is required is some upgrade and maintenance and you are good to go. Again, this all depends on the condition of the basement.

So if you have a basement check it out; if you haven’t been down there for awhile do a little surveillance work. Explore the possibility of a home theater setup.

Home Theater Decor

Home theater setup has one important aspect that can give it the feel of going to the cinemas. Simply put, it’s the decor that can set a quality home theater apart from another. Come on, if you are reading this then I assume you have a particular love for spending quality time in a sedate setting watching your favorite Star Trek re-run or the Monday night game. You want to be surrounded by the appropriate decor don’t you?

Decor can be an expensive addition if you don’t do a little due diligence. Home theater chairs, posters, pop corn machines, drink holder set ups… brand new, it can cost a lot of money. But there a ways to cut down this cost. Be prudent. Here are some helpful ways to find good cheap home theater decor:

– Flea markets are a great source for bargains. Often, hidden gems such as movie posters can be found at flea markets. Posters can set off your home theater setup just perfectly. Check your local classifieds and see if there is a local flea market held near you on a regular basis. Be prepared to travel a few extra miles

– The internet is an excellent source for seeking out home theater decor and accessories. Do a search on your favorite search engine and the results will literally jump out at you. Ebay and Amazon spring to mind as definite source candidates as well as Overstock.

– Check local classifieds. In fact, check classifieds from interstate sources as well for home theater accessories. Items like chairs can be bought very cheaply through offline classifieds so don’t ignore them as a definite source for items.

– Obviously shopping at local outlets is an alternative but if you are on a saving “binge” then again, be a little prudent. I will say though, without visiting outlets you could be missing out on short term specials so make them a shopping target at least once a month. Let the shop assistants know what you’re looking for and leave your contact details. Also, read any reviews they have to offer.

Providing you have the basics such as a TV and DVR, then home theater setup can be fun. You can definitely cut down on cost and one thing to remember if you are on a budget is… be patient.

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Installing A Home Theater Set-up

It is sure that the most important consideration in setting up a home theater system is the size of the room where you will set up the home theater system. Therefore, the size of the most important part of a home theater set-up, which is the screen, is also reliant on the size of the room. Regardless of the size of the room, the minimum suggested size of the screen is 28 inches.

A flat screen television is also suggested, because it will cut down on reflections and glare. Speakers are also dependent on the size of the room. Clearly, you would require more speakers in a very large room than in a small one.

You might want to put a lot of small speakers in a large room or one large speaker in a small room. The acoustics of the room is an important factor in this. Therefore, I recommend that you either get an expert in or get a wireless sound system that can be built upon.

The average number of speakers in a starter system in an average sized room would be five or six. The more speakers you use, up to a point, the greater the reality, but lots of speakers also means that you do not need loud volume too. There are many considerations when it comes to the sound – far more than with the screen.

You will want surround sound, with woofers, sub woofers, treble and bass speakers all with the Dolby control system, probably all controlled by a graphic equalizer. All these controls can be confusing, but once you have the sound right, you will know it. It will sound like a full-size movie theater.

Another important component of your home theater system is the DVD player. Your DVD player really must have a progressive scan. This is because a progressive scan produces sharp and flicker-free pictures. However, the progressive scan facility depends on the television unit, because not all television sets support progressive scan signals.

An possible upgrade might be a five-disk carousel DVD player. All of these items also depend on the amount of money you have, of course. However, if money is tight, begin with the best DVD player you can afford and use a few old speakers and the biggest television set you can get hold of. Later, you can upgrade the television or the speakers.

The furniture is crucial too. You have to feel as if you are undergoing a special experience. The goal is to have reclining chairs, but you can start with large bean bags. Add air conditioning and a fridge for cold drinks and a few tables for nuts and candy and you are almost there.

My finishing touches would be old movie posters, photos of movie stars, a collection of autographs would be great, a replica Oscar and any other memorabilia you can think of. Then set all this off with some subtle lighting that you can raise or dim as required.

Sound, camera, action!

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San Diego Home Theater

Article by san-diego-home-theater

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One privilege of the home theater system is the surround sound experience. That is when you enjoy listening to sounds from all different directions. You can use a subwoofer or an amplifier to reproduce the surround sound. You may also use an Audio/Video receiver that is considered to be the core of your home theater system, for it tackles all the inputs and outputs, including the TV. Among San Diego’s home theater companies, GotUWired provides this type of receivers with competitive prices.If you are dreaming of listening to your CD player, radio, etc. in every room of your house, this dream can be true. GotUWired, number one provider of San Diego home theaters has the skilled staff to get this idea to life. We can help you planning and setting up such a complex audio system. We will give you a hand in each and every step of the project till you enjoy it all.

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