Redesigning Your Career Using The Tools You Already Posess

Article by Curtis Fox

Redesigning Your Career Using The Tools You Already Posess – Business – Productivity

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What kind of career do we really dream of? Are you searching for an 8 hour a day job? Sorry, but that doesn’t exist anymore. Employers are trying to get more productivity out of us, taking time away from our personal lives and family time.

So this really becomes less an article about how to find a job, and more an article about how to design a life that works for you.

The recent economic conditions really gives us an opportunity to redesign our life around our personal lives and not the other way around. It’s much easier to reinvent your life if you are unemployed or working part-time, rather than being in the throes of our consumer economy trying to keep up appearances. I was in the same position as many of you over the last two years. My income plunged, I lost my house, and I spent everything. I could find a job in sales but I was always working on achieving someone else’s dream. Well what about my dream of working from home, or a small office that I rent, and only putting in 10 to 20 hours a week.

I wanted to design a life on my terms and not on someone else’s, and use my years of experience and skills and consult with customers that are willing to pay for my expertise. These are called “more jobs now” named after my website. You can call them whatever you want but what they represent is freedom for you.

Another reason I call them more jobs now is because they take very little of your time to do. The person that hires you is using you as a mission critical piece of their project that they need done before moving forward and you can charge accordingly.

Most of our consultants charge anywhere from $ 5, $ 10, or $ 20 per gig or job, depending on the complexity. Now I realize this doesn’t seem like a tremendous amount money, but if you can do 5 – 10 of these jobs a day, remember they should only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You can work 2 or 3 hours a day for a month and earn $ 1,000 just working from home. That’s not too bad for 3 hours of work a day.

At this point you are probably saying to yourself, “What can I offer that someone would pay $ 5 to $ 20 for. There are a tremendous number of things people will pay for. People everyday go out and spend $ 10 on lunch.

Lets take a look at some jobs people might pay for. Are you fairly proficient at graphic design? Have you been toying with graphics programs and not currently at a professional level but are you good enough to design a business logo for a website or for letterhead? You can post a gig reading ” I will design two logos for your business for $ 10 dollars.” Now this logo doesn’t have to be designed with original art. If you know how to use a graphics program already this should be easy for you.

Video production is another broad category that in this age of video sharing websites business people use to promote their products. For example, video product testimonials, or 30 second commercials for a business. How about putting together an e-book on how to fully utilize video sharing sites.

I think you are getting the idea now. This brings me the end of Part 1. In any of these broad categories if you have any proficiency at all you can make money on these little jobs that people need done. Refer to Part 2 for further examples on more jobs now and further insight on how to redesign your life in the age of the new economy, and of course visit and get started making money using the skills you already have.

About the Author

Curtis Fox is an expert in Sales and Marketing, he is also the owner and promoter of several businesses listed under the categories Travel and Leisure, Outdoor and Recreation, WebSite Design, and Finance and Investments. Please visit our site for further information

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Curtis Fox

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Home Improvement Tools – Are you Pre-loaded with the proper Tools to carry on The Home?

Article by Mowris Vallance

You can add benefit for any residence by task extensive home improvement projects as nicely as getting your residence re-painted, renovating bathrooms, revising layout of one’s home and development of terraces as properly as balconies. Even immediately after completion of those tasks, you would certainly require numerous home improvement tools in order to maintain your property.

From trivial maintenance in order to major overhauling, a quantity associated with maintenance challenges will certainly come your way as as a home seller, but if a person have every one of the gear inside the handbag, you can easily afford to relax. If an individual are planning to acquire some home improvement tools, you much better read a brief explanation of which variety of tools you may need.


Cutting tools are intended to reduce several sorts of supplies and should be created with strong supplies. Cutting tools variety a needed a part of your own home improvement tools system. An electricity chef’s knife is in all likelihood typically the most popular slicing tool because it can reduce a variety of supplies such as papers, wood, plastic and also metals in two. The undeniable fact that it can be easy to handle causes it to be an important tool with regard to the home improvement assignments. Another valuable tool is actually a hacksaw, which can easily end way up being beneficial in cutting timber, bones and difficult resources. It is made up regarding a found with fragile yet very well-defined teeth and in addition a blade framed within material. A tile-cutter tool may in addition be of one’s utility should you might have strategies of changing design associated with your bathing rooms. This tool aids condition ceramic tools inside whatever way you want and can be absolutely essential with respect to bathroom improvement jobs. FO3162290782


A house which carries a gorgeous lawn looks quite attractive, but it will take several garden tools to keep any lawn. Garden tools serve the goal of grape planting, cutting lawn along with other connected agricultural performs. You will certainly locate garden tools in 2 types, namely, manual tools as nicely as electrical power run methods. As part of your own respective home improvement tools equipment, you must buy backyard tools like a garden mower, a spade, a backyard hoe, a garden fork and in addition a rake.


Moving heavy objects all-around is normally a problematic stage throughout home improvement assignments. For a hanging close to on this distinct stage, you would require shifting tools which are created to move objects. Some common moving tools incorporate a hammer, a screwdriver, pliers and also a brand-new wrench. A furniture dolly can always be be very handy to move hefty objects like boxes and home furniture as you can spot the subject in its flat solid wood surface and controls the dolly to hold the thing. Another very helpful tool is ordinarily a stair-roller which aids shift objects upward or perhaps down the actual stairs.


Large-scale home enhancements generally require the services of altering equipment. Common altering tools consist of blow-torch along with chemical sprays with solvent components. While the blow-torch is employed to be able to bend and form metals by generating extreme high temperature, chemical sprays modify objects through chemical side effects.


Home improvement tasks contain accurate dimensions that are impossible to adopt until you use measurement equipment. The most common rating tool will be mp3 measure in which will come in numerous materials for instance cloth, optical soluble fiber, plastic and metal. With the actual help of the valuable tool you’ll be able to make sure house windows and doors have got accurate along using identical dimensions. A number of other dimension tools which you may always be interested relating to your current home improvement tools are usually rulers, calipers, squares, a theodolite and also nature level.


When this involves providing final splashes with the item during home development, you will require by using tools. These tools are generally used to give forms in order to objects including wood and additional materials. Chisels, trowels, moulds, sanders as well as lures are some common shaping tools that anyone might require in your latest tool kit.


Unlike the actual slicing resources, fastening tools are utilized to sign up things. With your help regarding specialized tools including rivet guns, glue weapons, wire tackers along using staple guns you will probably to enroll in two things, irrespective of whether or not they are created with a similar material or even not.

Power Tools:

Power tools are power-driven with the help of electrical motors, air engines or perhaps combustion engines which usually are inwardly operative. Home improvement upon a large-scale calls for several works to be done by using energy tools. Common strength tools are usually drills, electric sanders as well as lathe. There are usually broadly a couple of types of energy tools, namely, static and also cellular resources.

One tool every DIY guru should have is an air compressor like the Makita 2400. Other reviews every home owner should read is leaf blower reviews.

NCR Forms Are Just Great Tools to Improve the Business

Article by Birendra Mohan Bhattacharjee

NCR forms are in high demand currently due to the easiness of functioning and simplicity in usefulness. The commodity is very helpful for any kind of business large or small and you can complete several works with the use of these materials in making invoices or creating many types of sheets to maintain the account perfectly of deliveries or receipts and many more. You can also mange the inventory records while in a workshop and still have up-to-date records of products or supplies at your disposal. You must understand the right way to use the item and use it efficiently and should provide appropriate importance to produce quality NCR form printing for your business. It creates a high class corporate image when you take support of these forms throughout the company. You can easily maintain records of various activities in your company in an orderly manner.

NCR forms are designed exquisitely to appear different, but very simple so that you do not feel any difficulty in using them freely. You should reach a talented online printing company to obtain high quality material in carbonless forms. You need the support of a skilled graphic expert who understands your needs and designs the form accordingly. The designing part includes the logo of the company, essential images and certain texts in a form to satisfy the functional needs of the company. These forms come in sets in different colored formats for easy identification by the company staff. You can create custom NCR form printing and the extra UV coating or lamination and also can use embossing of the symbol of the company to keep a distinctive feature in the material. Different companies use diverse color schemes and many of them use colored paper also for NCR forms.

You can use NCR forms as a viable marketing tool for the publicity of your business over and above its use in the company. Moreover, it attracts low volume of investment, but provides stable support to the growth of the business through prompt response from customers. As a result, you achieve a substantial increase in business volume, which provides improved profit revenue to the company. The other important aspect of NCR form printing is the power to create recognition in the market, which is beneficial in the long run. Hence, if you need to grow both in volume and in reputation, you should take side of NCR forms to acquire substantial gain in the business.

Through this article, we try to provide valuable information about NCR Form Printing and its effectiveness. For printing and other business promotional products, you can visit NCR Forms .

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Home Improvement Forums And Other Online Tools

Article by Jim Ames

In a nutshell, home improvement on the whole means to changing the structure (inside or out) of an existing home. Generally in home improvement, wall & ceiling paintings, wallpapering, home decorating, kitchen remodeling, altering lawns, gardens, garages, repairing plumbing, electricity, flooring, household (interior or exterior) and cleaning are included.

And for home improvement, you can hire professional architects, interior designers, decorators. They provide innovative ideas, suggestions for home improvement according to your budget.

A home improvement forum acts as an intermediate for the people. Many online businesses join home improvement forums to share their ideas and seek those of others about home improvements. A home improvement forum also provides an easy way of communication for both the customer and the dealer. Home improvement forum gives details about:

* Home decoration* Home designing tips, suggestions* Home building tips* Landscaping* Garden designing

Also, a home improvement forum gives information about how to buy or sell home.

Decorating: Forum discusses about home decorating tips.

Electrical: Forum discusses about light repairing, wiring, lighting and other related issues.

Floor: Forum discusses about flooring matters.

Gardening: Forum discusses about gardening.

Household and cleanings: Forum discusses topics related to home cleaning.

Online tools: Discusses about tools used for home improvement process.

Home improvement forums allow end-users, suppliers and customers to participate in discussions, to view images, attachments. Also they give permission to post opinions, suggestions.

Nowadays many home improvement tools are available in market. They can be used to manipulate designs, maps for home improvement projects.

Some of the home improvement tools are:

Home Renovator Suite: this is an online package of software. With the help of this software one can easily calculate complex data. These modules are quick, correct, and simple to use. The design of module boasts being so easy that a user can handle it perfectly. The software tool has a built-in question / answer system. To use this tool, users have to feed data about their project. It includes information like dimensions, materials etc. So, just in one mouse click, your output is ready! The software gives reports regarding budget, material quantities, tool cost, and graphic layout generated by computer.

To run Home renovator suite on your computer, the following specification are necessary: Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, Windows 95/982000/XP/ME/NT 4.0., Java Update 1.5, Internet Explorer higher than 4.0.’s Paint Designer 2.0: With the help of this software tool one can visualize different color palettes for homes.

Plan3D: Plan3D gives users options of textures, patterns. With the help of it, a user can select their decorating style, fabric for the home. Users can get different types of wallpapers, flooring materials like mats, carpets. You can even try artificial paint colors on walls, ceiling, wood panels, roofing, and over bricks, plaster. Plan3D allows you to select furniture coverings, material, and designs. The software includes amazing features so that user can try design for each and every thing. You can select layouts for bathrooms, toilets, tubs, fixtures, taps, showers, mirrors, doors, bathtubs, moldings, paintings. In kitchen remodeling, one can apply different tile styles for floors, countertops. You can choose home appliances like fridge, stove, cooking range, microwave, cook tops by size and style.

So, it becomes very easy for everyone to improve their homes with the help of these online tools. Check around and see for yourself!

Visit, subscribe to and bookmark: for your home improvement projects! And keep up with the latest tips for your home and family.

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